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Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 06:07
by danmc
Just joined the forum here and thought I would share a technique I use that is 90%+ effective for Lucid/OOB. I'm really interested in seeing if this technique is communicable or if it's just some strange, personal thing that works for me. I know this will end up being a longish post since it's weird to explain. I apologize for the length.

90% effective probably sounds awesome, but there is a caveat. It relies on already being in the vibrational state that many people have experienced at one time or another. Once I am in that state, this technique works nearly flawlessly, but finding myself in that state is still an uncontrolled, spontaneous happening. If you do find yourself buzzing, I highly suggest you try this because it always leads to something interesting and is fairly easy to do.

When you get into the buzz (that's what I call it), take it out for a little warm up lap. The quality of the vibrations can vary a great deal. A silky vibration and it's a for-sure, but sometimes the vibration is rough and fluttery and not so easy to control. I've found that if the vibrational quality is poor, working it a little can "up" the quality. You don't want to go overboard here. My experience with a poor quality vibration is that it can cause what feels like inner ear pain if you push it to hard, but all in all, the goal is to warm it up just like you would your body before exercising.

Once you have a nice vibration that you are able to work smoothly, you can go for the technique. Here's what I do. First, shoot for the sky. The sensation should be that you are riding the vibration straight up. The goal is to get as "high" up as you possibly can. Basically I put my arms to my side, stiffen my body, and rocket straight up. Obviously, I'm speaking figuratively here since I am merely lying in bed, but that's what it feels like.

Once you have taken it as high as you can go, turn around in a 360 degree fashion. And here's the nut of it: Do this until you have the feeling of warmth on your face. The sensation is similar to standing outside with your eyes closed and tuning around all the way until you feel the sun on your face. Once you have that sense of heat on your face, move the vibration in that direction. As you move you will sometimes get off track and lose the sensation of warmth, but if you do, just stop and turn in a 360 fashion until you have it again. This part can take a little while and you have to patient, but eventually you will come to a very bright light that is the source of that heat sensation.

Sometimes it's just a wash of bright light filling your vision completely, sometimes you will see it as you do the sun, an orb of bright light. In any case, the trick is to ride the vibration straight into that light. It gets really fun here because as soon as you hit that light, you will feel a tremendous speed increase. Seriously, it's like accelerating to 10x the speed of light or something. It's an awesome ride!

It can be tricky at first hanging in with this light tunnel speed thing, and it's it easy to lose it and wake up. Sometimes, though, you are merely back where you started, lying in bed, vibrating. If that's the case, you can make another go of it. If the vibrational quality is poor, it often takes me three or four attempts to get through to the light tunnel. The main recommendation here is to just be patient.

Anyway, you will rocket through this tunnel of light, and there can be interesting experiences/images/vignettes here, or it can be just a white blur of speed, but if you hang with it, you eventually start to slow down until Plop! You find yourself in a different reality. I haven't found any way to direct where I will find myself, I just end up in a situation that is basically like a lucid dream in that I now undergo a crazy, wonderful experience.

If you try this and it works for you, please post.

Re: Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:17
by KylePK
That sounds pretty intense. And right up my ally, since I can induce vibrations pretty often and know exactly what you mean by "rough or silky" vibrations. For the most part anyone. My main uncertainty is where you mention spinning. I can certainly induce the feeling of upward movement, or downward movement which is easier for me, and sometimes I can rotate horizontally, but never have I had such an awareness during vibrations as spinning 360 degrees or feeling heat on my face. Also, I have a hard time breathing during some of these heavy vibrations. The literally take my breath away, or at least inhibit my breathing. Any clarification you can provide would be awesome because I feel confident I could accomplish a WILD in this rather organized and intentional manner.

Re: Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:18
by KylePK
Also, light? Not sure about that either... during vibrations I have no sensory really other than random HI, and of course the powerful 'feeling'.

Re: Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 15:34
by danmc
As far as the spinning, that was probably a poor way to put it on my part. It's more a slow rotation. Imagine you are standing in your backyard or a park with your eyes closed and slowly turning around trying to locate the sun by feeling for the warmth on your face. That is the exact sensation I get when doing this part of it: it feels like heat striking my face.

The fact that there is no sensory for you is fine. That's the way it is for me 90% of the time as well. Feeling the heat on my face is the first real input I get. In fact, it was the lack of sensory data during the vibrations that was the impetus for my stumbling across this. I went looking for something other than that feeling of vibrating. I wanted to see if something could happen while directly manipulating the vibrations.

The trick here is to turn slowly, because it's easy to turn past the warmth. Once you feel it, though, there's no mistaking it. It is a nice, comforting warmth, just like the sun. At this point there is usually no sensory input for me other than this warmth. Now, what you want to do is home in on it and ride the vibrations toward that warmth, like a dog on a scent, by keeping that sensation of warmth on your face. If you have to fly slowly to keep it there then you should do that. The faster you go the easier it is to lose it and you'll have to stop flying and do the turning thing again to re-locate it. It's a sort of balancing act here. The vibrations don't last forever, and I want to get to the source of the warmth quickly, so I tend to fly as fast as I can, but slower is better if it means keeping on track.

If you stay with it the bright light WILL appear. Don't stop, even if you feel like nothing is happening. If the vibrations aren't so good, it can seem like forever. On the other hand if they are good, the light appears very quickly. Sometimes you don't see the light until you're right on top of it. Other times you will see it in the distance like a sun. If that's the case you can forget about following the heat and switch to homing in on the visual.

As far as the breathing, I don't get that myself. When does it happen for you? Is it like a torso-rush? I get the torso-rush often times when I'm waking up. Many people report this when rising from a lucid dream or OOB. If that's the case, then it probably just means you have "come back". These can be pretty intense and do feel like they take your breath away and your heart is beating a million miles per second. The funny thing is, it's not really happening. When I have the torso-rush it feels like my heart is beating incredibly, even dangerously fast, but I've taken my pulse in those situations only to find it's beating quite normally, slowly, even, since I have been sleeping. Maybe it's the same with your breathing, it's more a sensation than actually happening?

Re: Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 15:45
by danmc
I should also mention something about "altitude" as regards the heat sensation. You have to get high enough first. So, direct the vibrations upward and go as high as you can, then do the turning thing. If you still don't feel the warmth, try to go higher still. This can be the hardest part of it, since the tendency of the vibrations, at least for me, is to go down, not up, so there is this constant counter pull the other direction. You'll just have to experiment here. I've tried falling low as I can, too, but haven't had much success. Maybe falling low rather than rising high would work depending on the person.

Re: Lucid/OOB technique

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 22:38
by KylePK
Ah I see, that helps a lot. Yeah I am not actually sure if the Torso Rush is real or imagined or simulated or what haha but it usually distracts me enough to make me have to stop and breath. I am gunna try your method tonight!