Can't reach the hypnagogia state.

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Re: Can't reach the hypnagogia state.

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Mar 2013 06:40

Rharuk wrote:Hello again guys, as i said last time I'm able to reach further on WILDing by now but there's something still bothering me... I try to imagine me on the dreamworld don't paying attention to my physical body, but after a while when I sometimes move my hand on my mind to reach something suddendly my real hand moves and I've to restart everything from zero. Any tips?

I experimented with something new in yesterdays LD. Instead of trying to move.. just think of moving and I think that should work. eg I just "think" of rolling (like I would just "think" if OB) and I automatically instantly rolled in my LD, I didnt try to roll.

let me know how thinking about moving goes and if you can just move in your LD via thought rather then trying to move like you do in real life in it. I think that should stop you accidently physically moving.
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