Two ways of entry into a WILD?

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Re: Two ways of entry into a WILD?

Postby thomas » 23 Dec 2011 22:59

Thanks for the replies!

I have been thinking about the shift that we are discussing. I like your description of it Peter. It also feels like a slowing down - a shifting into low gear. Even my HI will slow down or become fuzzy/faint as well. I find that it happens pretty quickly (not instantaneous) and it's really noticeable. Really hard to describe though.


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Re: Two ways of entry into a WILD?

Postby fistania » 24 Dec 2011 00:19

wow my accidental WILDs are like that as well, but i didn't plan to have WILD, i just went sleeping and like somehow i kinda become conscious before i see a dream scene, but i count it as WILD too since i didn't realize in the middle of the dream, but i have realized it before the dream scene happened. uh… i kinda confused how to describe it but you get the idea right? and the feeling was much more real as well.

i've never had planned WILDs before and i don't know why i've encountered accidental WILDs like that, i want to know how to do it consciously as well……

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Re: Two ways of entry into a WILD?

Postby Peter » 24 Dec 2011 01:17

falling into it is quite good as that sort of captures the shift nicely
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