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TGTS Method

Posted: 20 Nov 2011 13:20
by rothgar
For two months I've been trying to improve my lucid dreaming... I've had 6, but just seems like I can't find the "holy grail" for triggering it. My dreams have become extremely vivid now, and I remember at least 1 or two really good ones each night. It almost makes up for not going lucid, but not quite! It has now occurred to me that my subconscious is trying to HELP me become lucid. I had been working on some dream signs, and they are starting to appear in my dreams. For instance, fear of heights, angry dogs, dead relatives... all of these SHOULD trigger me to question my reality, but for whatever reason I just don't! a couple days ago I was draming I had to go and write an entry in my dream journal! Last night I was explaining to someone that I could fly in my dreams by something called Lucid Dreaming. I went on to explain what it was, and how it was just like the movie Inception! Unbelieveable, but yet, I never questioned my "state". No lucidity! Also in that dream was an irritating salesman trying to get me to stop and listen to his pitch as I was trying to get away from him, and there was no way I was going to listen to him try to sell me stuff. He really irritated me.

Then it struck me when I woke up.... what I need is "The Guy from Tech Support" (TGTS). If you have seen Vanilla Sky, or even Total Recall... you know what I mean. You are stuck in a dream and don't know it, and the guy shows up and says "Hey Dude... you are dreaming... this isn't real". That's what I need. I know my subconscious (and yours too) is very clever and can do amazing things... instead of all these indirect hints my subconscious is giving me, I'm going to see if I can get "the guy from tech support" to show up and say, "hey dude, you are dreaming...". Has anyone ever heard or tried this? Seems like it is fairly straightforward, and if one can insert him in the dreams, then this ought to be a pretty reliable approach to lucidity. Even I'm not that dumb to miss THAT sign! Many other aspects in those movies seems to be pretty accurate relative to lucid dreaming... this sounds like one aspect worth trying to replicate.

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 06:34
by DreamInception
I like this approach and I think it would be quite useful if you could actually manage to have this guy show up time and time again. Let me know if you're able to develop this.

At the same time... do you actually need to see him in order for him to be there? Maybe he's been there before and has just been hiding?

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 05:58
by lucidinthe sky
TGTS! That's funny for me. It's funny because this guy does exist. I actually know this TGTS you are talking about, met him in my dreams too. He showed up 2 times in my dreams trying to help me. In one dream, I went through about 10 cell phones trying to make a call, each one didn't work with a different problem. Classic dream scenario, no-brainer. So this TGTS guy comes up and says, "Uhh, excuse me, but you might be dreaming, have you considered that?" No, duh!!! But what do I do? I basically tell TGTS that he's full of it! I start touching things and looking around. No, it's not a dream and by the way, I can tell the difference. Things were far too real to be a dream. I am so convinced he's wrong I tell him. He leaves the dream. Poor guy, just trying to help, but my big ego knows better.

So if TGTS shows up, I'm hoping that you won't be like me and actually listen. Program yourself to listen. No one would ever come up to you in waking life and suggest you might be dreaming.

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 16:54
by Ivanna
This sounds like a really interesting method, but how do you get the gut to turn up?!? :lol: I like the idea though and I might just try it. I'll let you know if he ever shows up ;)

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 20:48
by lucidinthe sky
I'm not sure how to get TGTS to show up, but he showed up in 2 of my dreams for a specific purpose. In waking life, I kept chuckling to myself every time I did a reality check thinking "This is stupid, why do I need to do this, I can tell I'm not dreaming. The difference between waking reality and dreams is obvious." So TGTS comes in and basically says "Oh yeah, let's see about that. We need to do a little test." I failed the tests and it took those 2 dream experiences for me before I could have a lucid dream. Now I take RCs much more seriously and I really believe I could dreaming at any time because dream reality is almost identical to waking reality. This was hard for me to understand or believe but was essential for me.

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 22:17
by torakrubik
that's a good idea, but i would say 'straightforward' is the wrong word. I'd imagine it fairly taxing to actually regularly incorporate TGTS into your dreams. My suggestion would be to perform a different sort of reality check-something along the lines of focusing on a random person, it the street say, and think 'look at me and walk my way'. Of course, they won't, but in a dream they may well do, if your subconscious picks up on it. This may well be enough to trigger lucidity, but if the person in question then says the magic words, 'Hey you're dreaming,' then bang, you're lucid. So long as you keep the idea of someone telling you you're dreaming in your head throughout the day, I'm sure it wouldn't be long before this dream scenario would occur. Expectations of a revelation may further act as a primal response in the brain whilst dreaming. Perhaps I'm over-analyzing this :P but i hope i helped a little!

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 07 Jan 2012 03:16
by jamjam
Next time you're in a LD why don't you tell someone to tell you when you're dreaming? Like have a meeting or something. I believe this will change your belief system and he/she will appear.

Tell me if this works!

Re: TGTS Method

Posted: 16 Jan 2012 20:45
by rothgar
Ok, maybe The Guy from Tech Support didn't show up, but I think I'm making progress....

Last night I had a lucid dream. I was in a museum with a friend, and he says to me, we need to find a bathroom. I immediately realized this was one of my "search for the bathroom" dreamsigns where I have to in reality go to the bathroom and it enters my dreams.

Usually in these dreams I really have to go, and I try to find a toilet. However, the ones I find (thank goodness) are so dirty or broken or exposed to the world that I refuse to use it.

However this dream was different in a significant way: 1) It was the DC who said we had to find a bathroom, 2) I DID NOT HAVE TO GO

So, the DC really is the one that alerted me to the dream state. This is GREAT because it isn't much fun lucid dreaming if you have to use the loo. Also, the number of times when you are dreaming and have to go to the John are not that frequent. But having the DC have to go... hey, he can do that any time he wants!