Problems with establishing a dream world

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Problems with establishing a dream world

Postby anton_orlando » 17 Aug 2018 13:54

So i tried learning to lucid dream 2 times during the last years with no real success. But recently without me even doing reality checks or keeping a dream journal anymore i had several lucid dreams.

My problem right now is that whenever i get into one i have a really hard time to establish an environment around me. As soon as i become lucid the dream around me starts fading and im floating in nothingness. When i try to imagine a room, persons or objects for example it always starts fading as soon as i think of anything else. Do i acctually have to practise thinking of everything at the same time or is there a trick to it?
I've also heard of people just staying in their dream while beeing lucid. But as i said before i always get thrown out of the dream when becoming lucid.

Would love some advice from you guys! :D

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Re: Problems with establishing a dream world

Postby Oakey » 21 Aug 2018 05:29

Hi There,

I'm not sure if every technique or person is they same, I have had lucid dreams since childhood. It's to the point I go to sleep choosing to dream rubbish(drifting around between flotsam of partial dreams) or a specific thing.

Initially I couldn't control the dream when it first happened but could recognise I was asleep. This was achieved by having my mind as a distinct thing from my internal dialogue. Essentially talking to my emotional dream generating chaos. Not easy to explain but if you think about it your dreams are often a run away car with you in back seat(metaphorically).

For me control is like thinking your internal voice is speaking to the process of the dream. Once that voice gets easier to keep hold of and focus on it's a short step from being in the back seat to being in the drivers seat.

Basically try talking to yourself in your sleep while you drop off. Not physically but keep a mental dialogue going whilst letting go of the tension. A bit like meditation.

Hope this helps


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Re: Problems with establishing a dream world

Postby Starlia » 26 Aug 2018 17:24

For me the world goes black and I start at the beginning of the dream and have to keep trying. Or I float or fall. What helps me most is running my hands along whatever is left of my dream world and focusing on imagining it is there even if I cant see anything. Eventually I will see again

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Re: Problems with establishing a dream world

Postby wlndr » 03 Jan 2019 09:52

maybe.. go along for the ride & see where your subconscious takes you. also have problems & am still practicing building a dream world

irl, we can train our minds by breaking mental barriers. break routine. usually take a left at this block? take a right today. usually put your keys in your pocket? put them in your bag. purposefully dine at different places to expand your world. start exercising. feel lazy to run today? get up & do it now & go harder. recognise your comfort zone limits, & then purposefully do activities to break past those mental barriers

these will transfer into your subconscious world, opening up dream possibilities. if we see barriers, we will hit barriers. if we know we can overcome barriers, we will. watch the movie inception for inspiration. the movie is based on lucid dreaming

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