Trouble with Double Visuals...

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Trouble with Double Visuals...

Postby LucidLeon » 26 Jun 2013 15:17

So, I had decent LD's a while ago and then there was a period where I barely had any at all, and now I'm starting to have them again but with a massive problem: double visuals.

What I mean by that is that I see two dream scenes at the same time, layered over each other. It's hard to explain, but imagine that you have a two photographs: one normal and one kind of transparent, and you put the transparent one over the normal one... it's very confusing and seriously messes with my LD's.

Sometimes it's two dream scenes, at other times I feel like I'm seeing my "real" bedroom and a dream scene at the same time... A lot of times it feel like I accidentally open one of my real eyes and see my bedroom, but I am still inside the dream... is this possible?

When I'm in this confused state my dream usually fades, and it's really annoying. At other times I notice that it's a false awakening but I'm unable to move my heavy body out of bed, and my eyelids just want to close...

Any suggestions what I could do about this? :/

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Re: Trouble with Double Visuals...

Postby torakrubik » 27 Jun 2013 21:26

I get this a lot too. It normally happens to me when I'm worried that I'll wake up, and my brain responds my making me think I've woken up - It tries to construct a scene of my bedroom over whatever I'm seeing.

The best way to deal with this is to focus hard on something in the scene you wish to stay in. Feel it, stare at it and repeat to yourself that this is a dream and this is what you are experiencing NOW.
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Re: Trouble with Double Visuals...

Postby abart65 » 01 Jan 2014 09:40

I've had this at times. Sometimes I could even feel the weight on the side i was laying on. I could also see the pillow i was sleeping on. Other times I would have that thing where I saw two images at once and even if i closed one of them I could still see it. But i think it has to do with how vivid the dream is. Usually things are blurred and stuff from what i could make out. My suggestion is keep doing it and it'll probably go away. If you can you could always try and make everything go white or black and start imagining another single scene and see if that works. I haven't one of those annoying LD's for a very long time now. I think it goes away with time or something.

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