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Anyone Here Who Also Invokes, "The Violet Flame"?

Posted: 13 Oct 2013 13:42
by StarShiner
If you do not, I highly recommend it.

I will provide a link (or two) regarding it. It may sound a bit, "New Age-y" to some of you. One of the people promoting its global use, the late Elizabeth Clare Prophet, wrote the following booklet:

It is a quick but valuable read. As I am Pagan, I change some of the more Christian passages to suit my own belief systems; it can be tailored for--and works for--all spiritual/religious paths.

I am speaking of, "The Violet Flame" here because it holds a lot of power. I have been going lucid since I was a teenager (I am thirty-six now) but since doing daily decrees regarding this, 'flame' for the past couple of months--my lucid dreams have shot up in frequency, my precognitive abilities have heightened and I am also having experiences regarding past lives. I am further working on aspects of physical/mental/emotional healing as well.

Here is an article on, "The Violet Flame" (which, of course, vibrates with the seventh chakra):

Peace, love and blessings! ;)

Re: Anyone Here Who Also Invokes, "The Violet Flame"?

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 07:15
by taniaaust1
Hi StarShiner

I work with the Violet Flame a lot.

I agree energy techniques can really boost ones ability to LD. My favourite energy technique with this is using the pillar of light meditation (I think its originally a wiccian technique but other occultic schools do similar too) and bringing the energy in throu the chakras down throu the crown chakra and cycling it.

I think it was with energy techniques that I first learnt how to LD as they gave me spontanous LD awakenings during dreams.

Re: Anyone Here Who Also Invokes, "The Violet Flame"?

Posted: 01 Dec 2013 15:13
by chaosdragoon13
Excuse me, I'm a little confused, how does the violet flame help you lucid dream exactly, I read about it and it only says stuff about healing body, mind and soul. So can ya fill me in? :?:

Re: Anyone Here Who Also Invokes, "The Violet Flame"?

Posted: 04 Dec 2013 02:44
by taniaaust1
Anything which raises energy or ones frequency can help in LD.

Ive found that when my energy is raised that I become more attune to things and more aware. Not just in my daily life but also in my night (sleep life) too. It can trigger me off into waking up in my dreams more.

Ive also found that energy meditations which help link the chakras up and help the energetic flows.. also aid in making spontanous LDs more likely.

The violet flame carries a higher vibration so is a frequency raiser thing. It can also help clear out energy blocks so can help the energy in the body move freer.

A far stronger form of energy work I find for triggering LDs is regular pillar of light meditation .. that is great for those who have trouble remembering their dreams too (I found it greatly increased my ability to remember at a time I was really struggling to do so). The pillar of light energy exercise is in Denning and Phillips book called "Astral Projection" The out of body experience (this book is also online somewhere but right now I dont know where I've put the link). . this is the energy exercise I suggest for anyone interested in trying to raise energy to aid LD or possibly have a OBE, it triggers off OBEs too.

Some do yogic chanting before to raise energy to help with LD