a new trick

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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a new trick

Postby jonesy5 » 09 May 2012 19:46

Been having lucid dreams for as long as i remember.
Thay have allways started the same way.Ihear a buzzing in my head it gets louder then i get a sensation of falling down a long tunnle the buzzing gets louder and louder till i pop out of the tunnel obove a random landscape.

Now 1 night i was just starting to go lusid when i knew i needeed the bathroom so i was debating with my self wether to get up and go to the bathroom or go lucid.

Now normally i just go with the flow but i was holding on this time, i guess 30 seconds had passed the buzzing was loud and i thought ill have to go to the bathroom so i got up and went to the bathroom i was just about to pee when i thought wow i dont remember opening my eyes befor i got out of bed so i shook my head and said to my self wake up wake up.

I did and so did not wet the bed lol

Now i went back to bed and the buzzing started again so i thought i would see how long i could hold off before lucid dreaming started,Now somthing odd happend i felt like i was seperatting from my body i rolled over on was sat by the edge of the bed and was looking at my self asleep in bed.

Now i wonderd if this could be an out of the body ex so i stuck my head out the bedroom wall to see if i was in my garden,but no it was a random landscape.

Now this happens all the time i am confinced astrial travel is just lucid dreaming.

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Re: a new trick

Postby Ryan » 19 May 2012 18:09

That could be the case...

It could also be the case that the opposite is true. :)

My perspective is that dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection/obe's are all the same experience. They're all experiences that your consciousness has in realities that aren't this physical reality. What differentiates these experiences is how consciously aware you are during them.

The fact that you supply here, that you stuck your head through the wall expecting to see your 'garden' which wasn't, provides a glimpse into the possibility that what most people refer to as an rtz obe is nothing more than another non-physical reality being shared and created by the consciousnesses experiencing it. So, your garden wasn't there because your environment was reflecting with that of another consciousness in the area which was merging with your expectations of your surroundings.

Anyway, in any event, it's food for thought. :)
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