Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby jamjam » 27 Jul 2012 03:13

Oh! I loved that show! I watched every episode of both series!
Now that you mention it... I recently dreamed I was Korra it was fun!
I also had a dream I was Aang! Bloodbending feels weird... I don't like it.
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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby DAZ_XT950 » 27 Jul 2012 21:04

I had the exact same thought as you HAGART. I think that some people are just naturally talented at bending specific elements and for me that element is earth, but water is easy for me too its just that earth bending feels more normal.

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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby Hygrophila » 28 Jul 2012 16:38

If you want to do it better, to bend the elements well... I tried to fly a lot of times and now I can fly well, you know for the first times you fall down a lot. Once I had a dream about a lot of men and women tried to attack me in a small room. I realized it is a dream and tried to push them with my hand. I think everybody have his/her own technique to move objects so I focused on my hand and on the person, and it worked like a charm. I pushed everybody into the wall and then I was able to crush the water around me cause a big explosion like a real jedi :D since that I realized how it works for me... you should give a try. Focus on hand and the object you want to move.... maybe it helps a lot. :)
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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby MermaidMelodies » 02 Aug 2012 20:45

:D That's actually one of my many plans to do once I actually learn how to lucid dream! I've wanted to bend since I saw the show :P
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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby Omarsonic9 » 05 Aug 2012 02:35

:D I am new in these forums and I just registered!

and yeah I did some water bending in a dream IT WAS EPIC! I was pwning some weird colorful amons o_O and I did ICE KNIVES ON THEM! But it wasnt a lucid dream :|
I am now reading tips on how to lucid dream. And my goal is to be a bender in a Lucid Dream :D

I am happy to be in this forum! :mrgreen:

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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby Mr.Lucid » 28 Aug 2012 14:19

Guess whos gonna waterbend!..... :D

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Re: Avatar: The Last Air-bender abilities(ELEMENTS)

Postby ajbrooksjr » 18 Feb 2015 20:15

Hi, everyone. I am an aero-kinetic :D , hydro-kinetic :D , photo-kinetic, and even chrono-kinetic practitioner :D . I do in deed have awesome bending dreams. In fact, great masters have thought me well in the lucid state. However, I was thought in this chronological order by whom: Air, the element of detachment and freedom by Master Avatar Aang himself at church in that dream scheme(setting), Fire:the element of ultimate creativity by Fire Lord Zuko in my lucid dream :P , then the Element Water, the element of and magnetic properties(most common in women), then finally my natural element:Earth'the element of stability and foundation(my perception) by Master Sifu Tough from THE Last Airender. I have not ever entered the Avatar State, Yet! I have used my bending to defeat fears and visions. The most lucid powerful dream I actually had control of was..." In my lucid dream I was in my old neighborhood and I just happened to past a house blasting rap music, peculiarly enough I noticed the voice of the demonic voice and from that energy arose a dark entity just to the left side of the street in front of the house where there was space:very clear that the demon was going to get a lot bigger. As i watched thoroughly, yet still hearing the music, making the size of the Bato/Unalocq fusion from Korra larger. Ultimately, I turned and tried to scurry away from the relatively large monster, tripping my foot, making it clear i was going to get away from this monster's reach. So, i gained conscious while nearly falling, and turned towards the monster, in circular fashion i moved my arms and hands wrapping the monster in literally a crystal blue dome, then i went on about my walk. However, i gained even more conscious when i realized i just defeated a demon, my chrono-kinetic abilities activated :o rewinding the whole scene :shock: just right before the circular hand and arm gestures, but this time i wrapped the monster in water dome then fire dome :ugeek: " Dreams are most great and powerful when you are aware :idea: you are in the dream reality :arrow: :Lucid Dreaming.

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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby spiritbuddie » 09 Mar 2015 08:39

Hey there, i'm so glad there are others out there who have experienced bending in their dreams. Thats so cool, my very first experience, and possibly the most lucid dream ive had, was about a week ago.
i realised i could do anything in my dream, so i started earthbending! sending lines of rubble from stomping the ground and kicking rocks into the air, is was so much fun, and when i woke up i was ecstatic!

I thought really hard about this, if when we go to sleep our spirit travels into higher dimensions, and then back into our realm when we wake up, than our dream most certainly exist in another dimension, we just dont always remember, even if we are only interacting with those energies for a short while, the reason why they feel so real is because IT WAS ;) id love someone to analyse the above, how close to the truth am i??

anyway next time im lucid dreaming, ill try to bend again, maybe if anyone else has the same intentions we could create a landscape from the show in our dreams, like a possible meeting place for benders, please comment or post a photo if you have an idea :)

lastly i want to share more thoughts about our current level, the dense physical realm.. energies are growing stronger the closer we get to the start of the next equinox cycle, which is A LOT like harmonic convergence in the legend of korra, if or when the earth shifts, higher energies will be available for us to interact with, just like in our dreams when we are using our spirit bodies, so i hope and im sure you'll agree, bending will become possible with our physical bodies, we may even all become the equivalent of the avatar on an energetic level, maybe we already are... all food for thought, would be great to see what you all think, may the light be with you, and GO BENDERS!

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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby TheDude » 23 Mar 2015 02:28

I've never bended elements, but I have had a pretty awesome dream that I was a Jedi. I couldn't use the force well so I was kind of useless :). I could share the dream here if you guys want.
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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender abilities

Postby jg86 » 08 May 2016 01:36

Man, this is insane. I've been lucid dreaming for a few years now, and lucid-dream-bending for about two. I just had another experience last night and decided to google "bending in lucid dreams", which led me straight to this post. I never thought other people had had the same experience, and even shared it online (but I do realize how naïve of me that was, since you can find pretty much anything on Google these days). Although the post is from 2012, I'm going to describe my experience anyway, because why not? Perhaps a new lucid-dream-bender will do the same google search as I did tonight, and might be inspired/reassured by this post.

The first time I lucid-dream-bended was actually in 2012, when I was in Hong Kong. It was a regular lucid dream (not my first experience, although I was still far from mastering lucid dreaming then... Not that I've mastered it by now, but let's just say I was a noob then). I was flying/hovering over HK Island when I saw this gigantic wave/tsunami about to hit it. I had to really will it, but I was able to stop the wave and make that huge volume of water go back to the normal level. Therefore, waterbending like a true master haha.

I had many other lucid dreams after that, but none of them involved bending until a couple of years ago. It was only a half-lucid dream (pretty sure you know what that means), and I was being attacked by weird faceless beings. I'm not a violent person and I've never been in an actual fight, but I had to defend myself (half-lucid, remember?). There were a few water pools around me (I was inside a cave), and I was able to bend some of the water to cover my entire body. Then, I froze the part of it that was covering my arms, thus being able to fight with really iceberg-hard punches, but that didn't help and the strange creatures did not give up. So, I just created a powerful air wave that sent them flying away. And fly away is exactly what I did after that, and then the dream became fully lucid.

Another time, I was lucid-dreaming and I created a house around me. I was out on the porch, and I was pretty bored. You know when you're lucid-dreaming and you kinda run out of ideas of what to do? So, I decided to test my lucid-dream-bending skills. I started with water. I created a glass of water inside the house (I could see it from outside through the window) and just knocked the glass down with my mind. Lame. Then, I moved on to air. Flying, airwaves, etc. Nothing too exciting. So, I created a random enemy who could shoot rocks at me. He threw this huge boulder my way, but I was able to stop it with my mind midair and squeeze it until it was about 10% its original size. Lastly, fire. I couldn't create any fire, it was really frustrating. But then this dark figure was coming my way and I realized I had to stop him, otherwise he would harm me. So I shot lighting at him (but pretty small bolts, nothing major). Success.

And so it went. I'm still able to bend a little every time I lucid-dream, although sometimes I feel my lucid-dream-bending getting really weak. Like, last night I was just outside my apartment building (in the lucid dream) and did some earthbending, just for the fun of it. I could move small pebbles and stones, but when I tried to lift a big chunk of earth, nothing happened.

Anyhow, random post with random experiences. But if I can't share that here, where else will I share it? Plus, this topic is so old, no one's probably ever gonna read it, so who cares. :lol:

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