Different Perspective Dreaming

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Different Perspective Dreaming

Postby Crow648 » 29 Dec 2016 01:59

I have been LD for some time now however, I have been noticing something strange happen in my dreams. It won't happen that often but it certainly is annoying and I can't do anything about it. In some of my dreams I will be in a new perspective (my entire perspective will be looking at a flat surface, kind of like looking in a overhead view at a game board or computer screen) and it will just stay there and persist for the entire dream however I can here things in the background that I just can't see. All in all my vision will be covered by some type of flat surface stuck in a 2D perspective and I'm also unable to feel or move my body. . . I just don't know how to handle that kind of problem if I'm unable to do anything, if anybody can give me some tips to make this go away that would be great.

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Re: Different Perspective Dreaming

Postby jasmine2 » 31 Dec 2016 00:42

If you can hear things happening behind you in a lucid dream, but you can't turn around to see them, try vividly imagining what the unseen characters might be doing.

Also, see if you can get their attention by calling out to them, even if you can't move.

Before you go to sleep, practice recalling some objects, people, animals, or activities which are familiar to you in the waking world. Concentrate on sounds, textures, emotions, or other feelings associated with this person, thing or environment. Then if you feel stuck in a lucid dream, replay in you mind the images you practiced while being awake.

Also, while dreaming, you could imagine a "dream double", a duplicate of yourself who can jump around and fly freely. Then ask this "other self" to come over, and grab your hand and help you to move around in the dream world.

Or, if your dream self is stuck, start singing, or clucking like a chicken, or roaring like a lion, or whatever.

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Re: Different Perspective Dreaming

Postby Crow648 » 31 Dec 2016 20:08

Thanks a ton, I will use surely use these methods :)

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Re: Different Perspective Dreaming

Postby matthew » 06 Jan 2017 13:10

Jasmine shares some good ideas such as creating a double. In my experience you may be able to maintain an objective "god's-eye" point of view as well as a dream actor that moves around. This is not easy and seems to be unstable (at least for me) however a little practice goes a long way.

All the best!

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Re: Different Perspective Dreaming

Postby Dinoponera » 26 May 2017 20:07

Do you know how you move you conciousness to a dream character's point of view. If you maybe you could just jump into the first person you see, and play out the rest of your through their body. Maybe even morph their form back into yourself, like the agents in the Matrix.
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