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To become Lucid

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 19:21
by erichsa
I came across an article on dream incubation. I recall often great clear dream, with pointers like lost cars, trains, hotel lifts, etc… and every few days a flying dream, and also going through the day dreams. As I said those are mostly clear dreams, and a few not so clear. My problem is I don’t get lucid. Now to dream incubation. My plan is for a month to do the following: My mantra to repeat mainly while going to sleep: Lucid dreaming, or out of body! I am flying to the moon. In my thoughts I visualize getting out of bed and walk through three closed doors up a small paved path to an outlook, from the outlook a have a good view of the full moon, spread my arms and take off to fly to the moon. On the moon I have a walk about, and also look down to earth. After a while I fly back home, saying to myself. Great now remember how to it the next time. Can it work, or will experienced dreamer give me advice? I will put this in a few forums for perhaps more readers to see it. :)

Re: To become Lucid

Posted: 03 Nov 2012 03:39
by Snaggle
One can incubate any sort of dream one wants, but to be lucid one needs to be aware that one is dreaming and the best way to do that is to reality test. Personally I like questions such as "how did I get here?" or "is this real?", though looking at your hands, pinching your nose or other somatic RT are just as good.