New LD last night, watch out for those false awakenings!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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New LD last night, watch out for those false awakenings!

Postby jay33 » 02 Dec 2018 13:42

Watch out for those false awakenings! Lucid dream from last night..

I went to the park to go workout. I was doing push-ups and downward dog stretches in between. I then noticed a group of guys started forming a circle around me, getting closer and closer. I could tell it was with malice intent. I then said with resolute I’m just working out here, leave me alone, but saw that wasn’t an option.

They kept getting closer and closer to the point I had no more space.

I launched into Kung fu, fighting their team one person at a time and defeating each person pretty decisively. I even fought two on at one point, and again was able to defeat everyone. They finally conceded and I decided I wanted to go back to their dojo and meet their master.

The attitude suddenly changed as if I was one of them, even revered to some extent. We went to the dojo, and it was an incredible green house like environment. The master had nothing but mushrooms and green peppers growing, which he swore by for food saying the body and its needs are very different now than what it used to require.

I’m not sure what the exact trigger was, but I realized I was dreaming at that point.

Thinking back to my training, I wanted to ask what he represented. So I said very directly what do you represent? He didn’t know how to respond, and asked in what sense, and I clarified in my dream. How do you know this is a dream, he said? I then began to levitate. All the students gasped in amazement.

I then began to float around the room, before blasting through the window and shooting towards the sky. I am going to go into the solar system and view life from above, I decided. I flew higher than I ever had previously been able to achieve in other LDs. I kept seeing nicer houses as I got further up the hill, until finally I was no longer on earth. Things started to get really shaky as I broke the earths atmosphere.

I was surrounded by darkness but could see lights in the background twirling around. They formed into patterns, much like you’d see with the shape of musical notes vibrating. These started spinning faster and faster and growing in circumference. I thought I was looking at the tree of life, with these complex patterns of life spinning around.

They then combined into what I assume in hindsight was molecules or atoms. Bonds began to form between them, as if the whole thing was combusting in growth and evolution.

It was then I feel back to earth. I had a false awakening. I assumed I was now awake, and had to walk home now. I was so far away! I started trotting down the hill and came nearby a supermarket. I was going to order a Cabify there, and it said 21mins away. It was then when I really woke up, excited to record my dream

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Re: New LD last night, watch out for those false awakenings!

Postby jennifer » 30 Dec 2018 12:38

Interesting dream :) it’s nice to become lucid mid dream somehow, it feels so good to realize, hey, I’m dreaming :) I have a lot of false awakenings too. Annoying those ones, feels like a lost opportunity to be lucid if one had only remembered to do a RC... :P

Have you been lucid dreaming for long?

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