Acceptance ( lucid )

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Acceptance ( lucid )

Postby Peter » 10 Jan 2019 06:16

A nice one from this morning, broke a bit of a dry spell for lucids.

Acceptance (lucid)
I am outside feeding my horse and I see a bowl of water being placed on the ground on the other side of here, odd as I thought I was home alone. I look around and see a white van, surprised that I did not here it arrive. There is a lady, dressed in gypsy style pouring more water into a bowl.
I look over the driveway
And see a group of people and with the girl there are 5 in total and they have set up camp on my property. I go over towards them, jump the fence ands look out to the big water hole. Am man is swimming toward me, he get out and approached me. The water in the pond was dirty so I tell him to use the river at the ned of the field if he want clean water. Out languages are different but there is understanding, and we quickly link and understand each other. I ask where they are from, why they are at my place and why they though they could stay. He say he chose this place and want to stay a few days and offer me a lot of money. I decline the money, telling him that I am not driven by it and they are welcome or and money will not make a difference to what I think. One of the girls asks me how I manage without money and I tell her I just eat less and grow more in the times I don’t have any. Now I have a good look around me and see tents with polished wooden floors, animals grazing and plants growing. It’s the plants that get me, so beautiful and cared for, I smell the scent of newly blooming lilies and decide these people are good and can stay a while. I see more homes full of interesting art and sculptures and all cared for. A man is making a bulls head from wood, stone and leather, he is sewing it up with a big sharp needle and as he pushed it into the leather he looks at me. It was an understanding and friendly look so no concerns there. I move on, a girl goes from one building to another by levitating and drifting over, I think – Noooo-dreaming and test my hands to confirm. Deciding not to interfere with the dream I do the same and drift over to her. She is surprised and said I am one of them being able to do that. The older man now approaches me and I tell him they can all stay in this place of mine and it’s a dream so I will be gone soon. He tells me its not a dream in the way I think of it and they will still be there after I am gone and I can return anytime. He gives me a small object about the size of a domino and says to use this to contact them, in telling him I will wake soon and it will be gone he shows me his one and tells me we are connected and we don’t physically need the object to connect as it is constant and always linked.
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