My first ever lucid dream!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first ever lucid dream!

Postby Monkeyteam » 10 May 2019 11:10

Hey guys, thank you for investing you're time in reading/potentialy helping me.

The dream: I was inside my college just chilling tbh, nothing really interested happend(Weird thing is: I was just waiting on the sidewalk of campus just staring in front of me, not sure if this already indicates a lucid dream or whatever? Cuz i can't remember i have ever just waited/starred infront of my in a regular dream). Then i wanted to go home (I live around 1hour away with the bus) But suddenly i had my bike (Bike distance would be around 4hours). So i remember recalling on how the fuck did the bike get here. After that i was asking myself how am i supposed to get home now. I remember i was really trying to get an explanation from it. Then i just randomly asked myself. Am i dreaming? AND AT THAT MOMENT the dream started to react. Anyone got experience with this? Seems like everything shifted (Almost like in a different dimension). Everything started to fade to white light and stuff. Really peacefull but everything looked really really different. At this moment i realized i was in a lucid dream and started to freak out of excitement. So i told my self. these 2 words: FLY NOW! I started to smoothly fly of my bike in a really slow phase... It was really really intense. Then the world around me started to shift to more white like it looked i was in a transparent world or something. And i just woked up.

I guess this was a lucid dream right?
Guess it started as a normal dream and starting to become lucid?
Do you guys experience these white transparent shifts too?
Is it not usually i just sat on the sidewalk and starring in front of me. Is that something you do in a normal dream too?

Sorry for the bad typos.
Thank you for reading!

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Re: My first ever lucid dream!

Postby Gatekeeper » 11 May 2019 05:22

I've had that experience pretty often, always makes me wake up angry that the dream faded lol. It was a lucid dream for sure, you just need to work on dream stabilization techniques. The fading to white you experienced is you waking up, its your dream world fading, it often happen to me when I try to force to much on the dreamworld instead of letting it be and going with the flow. A stabilization technique that I find works is rubbing my hands together and doing a few basic math questions. Generally immediately upon becoming lucid I'll sit down and decide what I want to do first so I don't get to excited and have my dream fade. The trick then becomes remembering to constantly do reality checks and stabilization techniques so you don't slip back into regular dreaming.

Its just a theory but I think that fading to white, or gray as I often see it, is your conscious brain trying to impose its will over the subconscious dreamscape and the resulting struggle cancels out the dream imagery and you simply find yourself awake. Theres probably a better explanation for it out there though. As far as just sitting down and staring out goes, Ive only ever had that happen in a dream directly after I fell asleep.

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Re: My first ever lucid dream!

Postby DrG » 16 May 2019 13:55

All my lucid dreams are dream induced. Congrats on your biggest milestone!!! It sounds like your excitement ended it early, but you will learn to keep excitement from waking you with experience.

The white or grey background is a tricky power to hold. Whenever I enter that space, two things seem to be true:
1. I am extremely close to waking
2. I have a high level of scenario control

For example many of my nightmare induced lucid dreams, the world is so crowded by monsters I usually just warp to the grey zone as I call it, warp back into the desired scenario, careful not to spend too much time in the grey zone as it will wake me very quickly. Rather than fix a dream, sometimes I throw it out and start from scratch! If I warp back into a dream from grey zone, I am no longer on the brink of waking. I have even had nonlucid dreams fade into the grey zone, realize I am waking, and force a new dream to occur which is now lucid. Not that I can always control the grey zone, and understand this ability came decades after beginning to lucid dream.

The fact that you triggered lucid from sitting there doing nothing is no surprise. Its easy to get caught up in a routine or task both awake and dreaming. We tend to work, work, work. Often doing actions out of habit without thinking them through. What I do often awake is take a moment to stop whatever I'm doing and reflect on my values and how I am spending my time right now. This has led me to stop and reflect more in dreams. When doing so in a dream, I usually realize it's a dream and proceed to lucid dream. Which is a great way to improve your lucid skills while awake, and reduce the time spent doing pointless things while awake! Just some ideas.

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