Was this an OBE?

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Was this an OBE?

Postby SGraham » 20 Jun 2013 16:20

Last night I was attempting to have a WILD and I had a strange experience that I don't really know what to make of it.

So normally when I WILD I fall asleep way to quickly, so I figured I need a tether of sorts to keep me from falling asleep prematurely. so as I was meditating into hypnagogia, I would chant "I am lucid" in my head every few breaths. I eventually started getting this sort of numbing vibration that I usually get. now for some reason I didn't visualize a scene I just kept up with the chanting. Eventually the buzzing stopped and I sat up, I figured that I messed up so I tried to go to bed, but I found that I just could not get to sleep. I've heard that sometimes OBE's literally feel like you are a wake in bed. It felt so real that I didn't even think to do a reality check.

Anybody out there who thinks they no what's going on please reply.
How do you define real ?
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