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Randomly Remembering Dreams

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 04:28
by DreamerMan99
I don't know if this happens to anyone a lot, but I just remembered a LD fragment, and I hVe a feeling in was my first LD (Before this website)

I was around the age of 7, and was at the beach of my hometown. Suddenly I see a mermaid and think randomly that this must be a dream. I jump up yelling Hey im dreaming! and run into the water and turn it into millions of legos, (reason why i think i was 7, because I was really into legos) and they were the clear kind that were harder to find. I filled my pockets with cool legos (my hands were small, and so were my pockets, and i remwmber my old red bathing suit) and run my hands through. Then the water comes and washes away all the legos... This is all i remember. I then remember waking up and slapping my sides to see if my pockets were full of the awesome legos xD

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Re: Randomly Remembering Dreams

Posted: 08 Jul 2013 02:53
Sounds like a lucid dream to me. At that age, who knows what the word, 'lucid' means. But we still get them!

I had a lucid dream involving Lego about two weeks ago. I saw a house and the roof was made of many flat Lego pieces, different shapes and colors, about 5 layers think. I wanted to jump up there and land on it and pry some pieces off and put them together and build something.

I had trouble with jumping and when I tried to fly, I went too high and it was not meant to be. But I still think it would have been cool to take those Lego pieces, feeling them perfectly in my hand, and put something together and then look at it in the dream as if I had MADE SOMETHING. Alas, it was not meant to be. I did other things and it was a memorable dream, but I still wish I had succeeded and played with those 'roof-Legos'.

I'm 33, but Lego is still fun at any age! Lego is all about creativity!