Excellent Dream Character Conversation

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Re: Excellent Dream Character Conversation

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Aug 2013 16:41

Im stll trying to find a reincurring DC in my dreams too. So currently trying to get the DCs name when I come across one. In my last LD, I asked a teen girl for her name and to my surprise she gave me one a first and last name (most of my DCs usually ignore me or give me a single name at the most).

As it was a very very strange name, I looked it ups online and it turned out to be a manderin (the term for someone who looks after horses in stable (Ive not learnt any manderin). This is the second time that seemingly nonsense words in my LD have turned ouf to be real manderin words. I wish I'd asked her where she lived (maybe I would of got a town which fit that name)
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