Lightswitch never turns on light in dreams

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Re: Lightswitch never turns on light in dreams

Postby fistania » 19 Jul 2013 18:33

i don't use lightswitch in my dreams, i just snap my fingers "on!" "off!" and the brightness does. haha! :D

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Re: Lightswitch never turns on light in dreams

Postby lumencryster » 29 Jul 2013 16:19

LucidLink wrote:
Gordon wrote:Yes Rami ok, I sort of do feel like its someone watching me in dreams (tho supposedly I dont believe in that stuff!) I have asked them lots of times but havnt got an answer. When I realise its a dream I often arent as afraid but most times the evilness/nastyness is too horrible to be near so I try to get away. Its like a light of scary nasty evilness. radiating. And I really feel like they try to scare me on purpose.

Lucidlink, But its still very weird! because: I do intend to -and want to- turn the light on. Why do other cause-effect rules work in dreams but not this? Like I sit on the bed, get up off bed walk to lightswitch is still cause effect physics-like rules. I know the actual switch in the dream moves -I can physically push it down.
But yeah Ive tried the switch so many times and it never works in both these false awakenings (sorry didnt have term for it but yeah they can be horrible).

That really is something very important though. Why do light switches in particular not work, while other simpler concepts do?

To answer that question, I have to get a bit deep.
First ask yourself: What is light?
My answer would be, everything. Yes I believe everything is light-contiousness. Especially in the dream world, the very dream world itself is made from light.

Now why would a common light switch control this energy? This energy is everything you see, feel, hear, and expereince. And there is no electricity either, of course.

The only way to brighten a lucid dream with more light, is to create the light with that same energy that creates the rest of a dream. You need your mind, body, and spirit to do that, not a light switch ;)

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holy shit that's deep. i think it sounds pretty correct too. i can't wait to play around with this in mind in a dream.

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Re: Lightswitch never turns on light in dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Aug 2013 16:00

One reason why your light wont turn on for you is due to the symbolism of it. You have an evil being in your dream, that being is symbolizing some kind of "darkness".. hence that light too wants to express itself not as light but rather would prefer dark if possible to match the rest of the symbolism your subconciousness is trying to express. Its like to get that light on, you have to go against your own dream symbolism, so it could be tough.

Lights sometimes dont turn on in my dreams either eg the lightswitch is broken or confusing to work. I actually do just what the other here said he/she did and then will just snap my fingers commanding the light "ON!!" and that works for me.
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