1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 23 Apr 2015 19:52

I added the newer suggestions which have been added here since I last put everything together taking out the repeats on the list, we are getting close to 500 now. This is how the list currently looks (I also added a new fighting/battle section to it so its easier to check and see what already is there).


1 get sucked into a black hole
2 jump in front a car
3 jump off a cliff
4 cease to exist (bonus points for "going out in style")
5 be eaten by a zombie
6. eat 1000 onions without crying
7. have a nightmare
8. Surf a 100 ft wave
9. ski down Mt. Everest
10. Get abducted by aliens
13. Eat yourself
14. go sky diving and see where you land. Is there significance behind the location?
15. allow yourself to be killed by a vampire so you are then changed into one of them
16 Ride a vicious lion (Watch those teeth )
17 Get a horse and jump off a mountain with it
18 Capture a Tranosaurus Rex
19 Get a car, park it in front of an oncoming train and sit in it while the train hits.
20 catch fire
21. Battle car-sized tarantulas to get over your arachnophobia
22. go bunging jumping
23. Stand on the top of a train and ride it (dont forgot to duck when needed)
24. Try snake charming
25. Can u fire walk?
26. Tightrope walk between skyscrapers without falling
27. Paracute out of a plane
28. Jump out of a plane and freefall down (no paracute)
29. Find some tough biker dudes and give them the finger along with the best insult you can give.. watch their reaction (better get ready to run!! lol)
30. survive a zombie apocalypse (without having any superpowers)
31. white water raft down dangerous waters
32. Live out the experience of an astroid hitting the earth
33. Bring the thing you fear most into your dream
34. Enter the senario "the end of the earth" (dont hold any thoughts on what this is going to be like, just go there).
35. Enter into the horror movie which scares you the most.

Spiritual, growth and healing

36. Meet the Mushroom Man, and ask him for the sacred plant to eat, make sure you get the strain best suited for your spiritual development! And be ready, lucid dream trips can absolutely beyond intense and mind blowing!
37. try to morph into an animal and live as one with others of its kind
38. Explore the dreamscape that your mind naturally presents and while still in dream, try to work out what the symbolism means
39. Try to have your conscious mind switch places with the subconscious
40. Speak to the awareness behind the dream, and ask it to be free of one of your bad habits for 1 week
41. Talk to subconscious
42. Ask who was i before i came on earth or what was i before i came on earth?
43. Talk to God
44. Relive your birth
45. Study what you are wearing, what does its symbolism saying about you?
46. Become a white blood cell-kill off those nasty bacteria with your awesome sword
47. Switch between the awareness of your self to your higher self. See the difference
48. Find an angel and ask questions
49. meet up with a dream guide for LD advice
50. Use a dream PC browser to access the youtube of your memories
51. Speak to a clone of yourself
52. find myself' and work out what it is I should be doing here on earth
53. Talk to the 9-year-old version of yourself
54. Practice a real life skill, and improve on it through this dream practice
55. ask the dream to show you something important
56. Ask how many time you were born?? SHOCK answer may be waiting for you
57. read all the books you see and see how much you can learn from them
58. ask dream to give you insight about a personal conflict
59. Dissolve the dream world, and all it's illusions, but stay aware and conscious in the now the empty dream space. Do NOT wake up! (This is actually a very ancient and very advanced bhuddist dream yoga goal. They say it takes years of lucid dreaming to accomplish! But it is the ultimate state of awareness, and a true acheivment with much meaning to them.)
60. Meet Buddha
61. Become someone you know and roleplay them (Did you learn anything new about how you feel about them while doing this?)
62. Visit the Hall of records (akashic records) and try to find your answers there
63. Travel back in time and meet yourself at various ages. Ask your child selves if they can tell you anything about them you've forgotten.
64. plant an unknown seed and see what grows (the symbolism of the outcome can tell you something about yourself)
65. Bring the thing you fear most into your dream with the goal to conquor it
66. Meditate


67. Discover the first aliens
68. Check out "what is in your pocket"?
69. Visit Greenland
70. Is there a secret colony or government base on the moon? Visit to see
71. Explore a different planet
72. Explore a different dimension
73. Travel to the end of the universe
74. Visit ancient Egypt and the pyramids, check out the Great Pyramid while there..
75. Go inside your body and explore it from the inside
76. Visit the wilds of Africa (consider going giraffe or lion riding while there)
77. go back to prehistoric times and meet some cave people
78. Go through a wormhole and see what's in the other side like in the Stargate series
79. Explore the deepest depths of the ocean
80. Can you find a dodo bird? Explore the island of Mauritius to see.
81. Explore fairyland
82. Was there life on Mars?
83. Sail the ocean, exploring the islands as you go
84. Explore the Jungle of the Amazon
85. Visit Australia
86. go back to prehistoric times and ride a friendly dinosaur.
87. Find the lost city of Atlantis
88. Visit the Himalayas and look for an abominable snowman on the mountain (tibetian yeti)
89. Visit Antartica. Ride a polar bear while there or adopt a cub.
90. Go into space
91. Explore the Garden of Eden
92. Find an alien and ask questions
93. Do a "journey to the centre of the Earth"
94. Journey down the "Yellow Brick Road" (as in the Wizard of Oz)
95. Step throu a magic mirror to enter a magical land of witches, warlocks etc
96. Visit Ancient Rome (you may want to watch the gladiators there)
97. Sink into the ground and find yourself on the other side of the world
98. Go to Heaven
99. Go to Hell
100. Enter your computer
101. use a time machine to go into the future
102. Visit the Olympic Games
103. Enter the Matrix
104. Try to visit yourself in 10 or 20 years time (may show subconscious desires happening)
105. Go back in time to Egypt and watch how they built the great pyramid of Giza (how did they get things so perfect and lift those stones?)
106. Explore a lucid dream park, see how it differs from a real life one.
107. Chat to people who in heaven or in astral plane and find out about life there (if you get a name and birthdate etc maybe you could find a stranger there you could later confirm was real?)
108. dive underwater and see what you find
109. Explore Titan
110. Visit Avalon (the legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend)
111. Ask the dream " Show me what's beyond the edge of the universe!"

Special Powers

112. Liquify yourself and move like water
113. Have xray vision.
114. Have mind reading skills so you can mind read all your DCs
115. Take a picture with your eyes
116. Bend a city like in the movie Inception
117. Perform a parting of an ocean like Moses and the Red Sea
118. Shapeshift into a werewolf
119. Fly like superman over people and see their reactions
120. Teleport
121. Transform your body into a flame entity
122. Turn gravity off (not reverse it)
123. Shape-shift into a dragon
124. Turn invisible
125. Have infinite knowledge
126. swim up a waterfall
127. Fly 100x the speed of light through the cosmos
128. Will a tree to grow unnaturally fast
129. Become a wizard
130. Turn all the DCs to rabbits
131. Use Jedi mind tricks on a DC
132. Grow yourself some wings and fly
133. Conjure a scene
134. Get a lightning staff, and wreak havoc
135. Use a wand to make objects appear
136. Conjure and eat the most tastiest food your feeble mind can create!
137. split a mountain in half
138. Float
139. Breathe under water
140. create a new volcano
141. transform ur self in to superhuman (xmen)
143. Walk on water
144. Shapeshift to another form
145. Become a whirlwind
146. Create energy blasts like they do in Dragonball Z
147. Time travel
148. melt
149. explode things
150. grow taller
151. shrink in height
152. shrink yourself down to a plank-width
153. Reverse gravity
154. grow plants by waving hand
155. Find a well and try to scry the future in its dark waters
156 Rain Maker ability (make it rain)
157. have telekinesis
158. Ability to turn lights and electrical objects on and off by will
159. Have control over the weather
160. super sniffer - Intensified sense of smell
161. Energy shield protection - Raining? create an energy shield to ward off getting wet

Fun and Games

162. go to that legendary gig you always wanted to see
163. Watch a dream sequel of your favourite movie
164 Driving a car with Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction and talk like a baddass person
165 Get high and ask the dream for the most intense trip it can provide
166. Script a 3-hour(dream time) multiple-dream story line then live it
167. Transform into a Pokemon character
168. Create a new solar system and play God
169 Have a fun day at Horrorland!
170 Turn the visuals into Nintendo 64 graphics
171 Go bonkers with shapeshifting
172 Host regular meetings for other lucid dreamers in your own lucid dream space and see who shows up.
173 destroy the earth with one punch. and create a new one
174 make the sky made of water
175 adjust brightness and contrast of sun
176. If you have a automatic in real life, drive a car with manual gear shift.
177. Find a rock which can speak, to keep as a pet rock
178. Bring large creatures into any city or town and watch the mayhem.
179. Put buckets over every police officer or security guard you see.
181. Light a table on fire and then have lunch on it.
182. Give each of your fingers its own identity and ability to speak.. and then listen to what they have to say
183. Plane surf (like train surfing but on top of a plane as it flies)
184. Have a conversation with your favourite author
185. How much can you steal from a store without being caught?
186. Become a ghost and have fun haunting a place
187. Start you own rock band and see if you can become famous
188. If a dream character lies to you in a dream, make him have a pinocchio nose
189. browneye some DCs and watch their reactions
190. Get into someone's house and steal absolutely everything
191. spy on a dc the whole dream (you could become a fly on the wall to do this)
192. Didnt get to have a birthday party? Hold a big one in your dream. Put a notice you are having a party with "everyone invited" onto your LD FB and see how many come. Will anyone show up or will your party get out of hand?
193. Become president and rule your country how you wish things were
194. Go to a big city zoo and let all the animals out and watch the mayhem
195. pull the moon out of orbit and watch what happens
196. make mars and mercury orbit earth
197. roast marshmallows on the sun
198. Use clouds like a bouncy castle
199. Be free to act as stupid as you can be
200. intentionally throw the sun into another galaxy and then watch the mayham on earth
201. throw the moon into the sun
202. Conjure up a talking tiger and befriend it
203. Teach your Bengal tiger friend to follow you the next time you dream and remind you that you're dreaming
204. Be your favourite animinated character
205. create your own planet from scratch
206. Carry ridiculous amounts of cash (Take care it isnt stolen)
207. play baseball with asteroids
208. Have a food fight in McDonalds (watch the gerkin from your burger slide down their window)
209. Grow another head so you can have double the brain
210. grow extra fingers, then become a great concert pianoist.
211. Turn your family to cartoon characters
212. Imaging your mother/father being your child and give her/him the spanking you got but didnt deserve
213. Then spank your sister/brother as she was the one who got you into trouble with your parents
214. Instead of killing Hitler, become him and change the outcome of the war
215. raise the Titanic
216. eat a nice cake.... In front of a hobo
217. Turn gangsters into pussy cats
218. Have sex with your favourite famous person
219. turn the world into the largest open-world destruction sandbox (knock down skyscrapers, bonus points for stylish takedowns)
220. Manifest a harlem
221. Play football with a rock as the ball
222. crash a party
223 travel to an edible land and eat candyfloss trees and chocolate houses
224. rob a bank and spend all the money on anything you ever wanted
225. Fly a plane
226. conjure up your friends and go on shopping spree together
227. split an arrow with a bullet
228. Got to the pub and bar dance on the top of the bar.
229. Fly over the himalayas
230. eat a hole through a wall
231. turn into a magical being (fairy/mermaid/pixie/leprechaun etc)
232. Get on a roller coaster that rides through space
233. learn how to drive when you are under the age limit
234. fly in a rocket to the furthest point in the universe
235. Tell a DC a bogus story and see if they believe you
236. Play chess with your clone
237. Go out to a cafe and eat with your DC friends
238. Have sex as the opposite sex
239. throw a huge party and pee on everyone
240. Create a remote device as seen in the movie 'Click' and see what you can do with it
241. Have sex with your favourite celebrity or crush.
242. clone yourself a billion times and control your new clone army
243. rewrite dictionary definitions and have people start using the new definitions and talk funny
245. Play demolition derby with all the other cars while driving your LD car (preferably a red one as they go faster!) throu your capital city
246. Create a Frankenstein zoo of your own creatures.
247. Make time run backwards and watch all the DCs ungrow into babies
248. Enjoy a 5 star meal served right to you
249. Watch the Big-Bang
250. Create a world entirely made of clouds
251. Swim across the ocean at 1000000 miles per hour
252. Play in a gig as your favourite musician (be in your favourite band)
253. join a magic school (like Harry Potter's school)
254. drink from the fountain of youth and turn into a 2 year old
255. Become a stickman
256. Steal the monkeys from a zoo and then let them all go in an department store to run amuck
257 Rampage around the Jurassic Earth as a dinosaur
258. Have sex while flying...A bit of a challenge but so much fun!
259. Surf the wind and clouds
260. Have a pet dragon
261. In the middle of a busy city street, scream "We are being invaded!!" run, then watch all the DCs panic.
262. Go to a museum and bring everything there back to life.
263. Grow yourself some wings and fly
264: Become a demi-god like in Percy Jackson(the book series)
265: wreck the living room and then magically make it back to normal so you can wreck it again
266. Fly on a broomstick
267. Drive a car by standing on its roof.
268. Jump from one car roof to car roof of moving cars (something you may of seen in a movie)
269. Have a car race with you standing on car roof.
270. Try a chocolate soda
271. Make one of your stuffed animals from childhood reappear and make it come to life as a real animal. Maybe ride it around too.
272. Take your favorite movie and replace the actors in it with you and your cousins
273. watch an earthrise from the moon
274. Go back in time and really try to change something.
275. destroy a planet (Explosion, meteor, solar storm, etc.)
276. Continuously playback your favorite songs in your head while you do your normal LD stuff
277. Go into your favourite program or anime and interact with the characters.
278. Annoy Zuess
279. Make it rain frogs
280. Make snowmen and give them life
281. Become spiderman
282. Be part of the A-team and build a tank out of 3 screws and a bit of tape
283. Switch around you arms and legs and see what life is like upside down
284. Make yourself get arrested and then try to break out of prison
285. Seduce a policeman/policewoman
286. Ride a huge dragon
287. Make potions that do various things and drink them
288. Punch or kick a hole in the sky
289. Go into an episode of your favorite tv show and screw it up
290. Try to get really funny reactions out of dc's
291. Change the dreamscape to be entirely different
292. Use one of those dream machines from Inception
293. Ask your dream to show you what music looks like
294. Throw poop at DC's
295. Perform an act for a big crowd
296. Meet a superhero
297. Go mining minecraft style
298. Enter a Minecraft dreamscape
299. Have a BBQ and invite all the DCs you come across to it
300. Have some sexy time with your crush/spouse or whatever
302. Nuke your hometown and then live out your days there as the lone survivor
303. Create a monster that eats your dreamscape, then defeat the monster
304. Make your own castle and make everyone do what you want
305. Have a singing contest
306. Switch bodies with a DC and have sex with yourself
307. Force Superman to eat kryptonite
308 eat the entire universe
309 pursue a fantasy
310 let your anger out without consequence
311 Become best friends with you favorite fictional characters
312 Go to a wild New Years Eve Party.
313 Sell the royal treasure from 312. on DreamBay
314 Play a song onstage with John Lennon
315 make friends with a talking taco
316. Create your own human DC and then talk to it.
317. Set a bomb in a huge building then parachute off the roof to escape.
318. Film something then watch it back.
319. Abduct the grey aliens and do experimentation on them
320. Build something epic from the ground up, or the sky down if you prefer
321. Visit Disneyland
322. Morph into a dinosaur in the modern world
323. Open a jar of pickles and bring them to life.
324. Turn into a whale, strand on a beach and ask DC´s to rescue you (in human language)
325. Become the head of a family of 50 kids including some quins
326. Open a plantation of an own created fruit and sell it to DC´s for much money.
328. Hold a conversation with some animals
329. Make a Harlem Shake video with DC´s ( ugh.. )
330. Join a roman orgie
331. Make the moon have a real face
332. Go on a serious mission with a team and when it is almost done you mess it all up.
333. Do a concert and suddenly sing "I believe I can fly" in that moment you fly up and disappear, make yourself invisible and watch the reaction
334. Bring clouds to life
335. Manifest a harlem and of being in there
336. Become your favourite cartoon character
337. Get in the most biggest rollercoaster and let it fall down and feel that scary sensation
338. Make all the clocks in the town go mysteriously backwards and see what chaos that causes to a big city and to its inhabitants
339. Live the life of a millionaire
340. Have an eatting contest
341. Turn all DCs into gingerbread men/women and proceed to have a bite out of all of them!
342. Slide down a rainbow
343. Turn DCs to stone
344. Play Quitich with Harry Potter
345. ride on the roof of a car, see where it goes
346. Turn spiders into butterflies
347. Compete in the Olympics and win a medal
348. go back to the creation of the world and create it how you want
349. Make or order a huge pizza then eat it with all your friends
350. Have a picnic
351. Attend a sports event called "Danger and Wild Sports" (and enjoy whatever events are there)
352. race zebras
353. Ride a bike on water
354. Create a civilization and watch it evolve
355 Go into the internet and destroy YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and all those other media websites and watch how the world reacts.
356. If a DC talks rude to you, make him loose his voice so it just comes out in censored bleeps (or just do this for the heck of it to see their reaction!)
357. Compose the best song in the history of the world
358. Go to a cemetary and bring all the corpses to life.
359. Get around a city by jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper
360. Bake a huge cake.
362. Turn into a cat and chase mice
363. Force animals to sing and dance
364. Make it rain bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
366. Pee on a celebrity
367. Ride in a flying car (eg chitty chitty bang bang)
368. Manifest your dream girl or guy
369. Go to school naked

Quests and Adventures

370. Plant and grow a bean stalk and then use it to climb to the land of giants as Jack did.
371. Go to your own adventure and save people you know / love
372. Join the team from "Stargate" for an adventure
373. Rescue Rupunzel from the tower while avoiding the witch. You will need to climb her hair get to her to convince her to leave.
374. Become an police detective and investigate a case
375. Visit the South Pole (Can you find Santa?)
377. command an imperial/victory/super star destroyer
378. Find a lepracorn and steal his gold
380. Build your own time machine (and use it)
381. Be captain of the Titanic (goal to get it safely across the atlantic on that maiden voyage)
382. Track the abdominal snowman (or a yeti) and once found, take it home as a pet.
384. Catch the Easter Bunny and put him in a cage.
385. Steal Santas sleigh and reindeer and go joy riding.
386. befriend an animal or mythical creature. see what adventures you can go on
387. Live out the plot of your favorite fantasy book!
389. Can you secretly steal the magic mirror from Snow Whites wicked witch?
390. Rescue Hansel and Gretel from the wicked witch (make sure you dont end up in the cage!)
391. Find a fairy ring.. then dance with the fairies under the moonlight
393. Sneak into a castle and steal the royal treasure. No dream powers and you only have the following items to help you: Lockpick and Grappling hook
395. travel to a medieval time, turn into a dragon, then steal a princess
396. Find the end of the rainbow
397. Find a unicorn
398. join others in the chase of the gingerbread man (You can eat him once caught)
399. Use an elevator as a means of transportation to access different scenarios
400 Become one of the "Knights of the Round Table" in Prince Arthurs Time
401. Can pigs fly? Find a flying pig
402. Join Dorothy on the yellow brick road (Wizard of Oz)
403. Join Robin Hood and his merry men and help them rob from the rich and give to the poor

War, Battles, Fighting and Killing

404. blow yourself up (Explode, then regenerate)
405. Challenge a DC to an Agni Kai (dual of fire)
406. Fight something using energy balls to blow up things.
407. Assassinate the President
408. Have a Knights Duel
409. Be a sniper and kill your DCs
410. Command a battleship division during WWII
411. Go back in time and kill Hitler
412. Kill Freddy Krueger
413. Punch the first guy/girl who ever dumped you (or slept with you and then left you or bitched about you) in the nose
414. Go hunting
415. Turn the world, including yourself into a 2D Beat em Up. See Streets of Rage
416. Go out hunting for Little Red Riding Hoods Wolf
417. As a vampire, create your own vampire nest by biting and killing DCs till they are all vampires too. Once you are a vampire king of your group, got out and attack a city as a group.
418 Punch somebody in the face and see their face get squashed flat.
419. Castrate that guy who slept with another while you were dating him.
420. Become the Cell character from Dragonball Z and absorb some DCs while creating chaos and destruction!
421. murder the devil
422. Transform yourself into none other than... BATMAN. And go around battling crime
423. Kill DCs then bring them back to life
424. Dive into Mariana's Trench- defeat the sea serpent
425. Play sheriff in like in the Western movies, and go around and capture and arrest all the bad guys (have shootouts etc with them).
426. Kill your enemy
427. kill explosive chickens
428. Kill all the bad ppl in history (Hitler etc...)
429. Be a gladiator in Rome
430. Dream up a weapon of mass destruction
431. Surivive the zombie apocalypse, using your superpowers
432. Be a referee in a boxing match between two celebraties.
433. Compete in a martial arts tournament against your favourite superheros/villians
434. throw DCs off cliffs
435. fight while unarmed
436. kill every DC on sight
437. get into a bar fight
438. drive an M1A2 Abrams tank
439. beat the crap out of superman (NOT SO SUPER NOW ARE YA!?!?)
440. command a powerful army in battle
441. Fight a Minosaur
442. Fight a fire breathing dragon in medieval times. You need to kill it.

Other things

443 Ask superman to punch you as hard as he can and see what happens.
444. Make your limbs disappear
445. adopt a child, then hire Mary Poppins to be your baby sitter.
446. change your hair style
447. Think about being a siamese twin so to turn into one (and see how you turn out)
448. Make the world flat
449. Make (not create) your favourite dish and eat it
450. Change your race and skin colour
451. Use a computer and surf internet
452. Give yourself a video game Health bar at the top right corner of your sight
453. Find a shop, order an icecream.. see what flavour they give you.
454. turn night to day
455. become a slave
456. design and build a house
457. Invent something
458 Hold a family union in Heaven or the afterlife
459. Give our planet an extra moon.
460. Meet ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses
461. ask 3 different DCs something subjective
462. Turn your skin transparent
463. Use a cellphone
464. Find a newsagent/paperstand and buy yourself a magazine (If you are into symbolism, its interesting to see what kind of mags are there).
465. Buy a magazine called "Prophecy", read this to know the future.
466. Can you make your DCs laugh by telling jokes or doing a comedy act?
467. Talk to a grizzly bear
468. be 2 people at the same time
469. Create a door and then wait to see what comes throu it
470. Find a shop and order a sandwich to see what kind you get (you may want to consider if there is any significant symbolism re the ingredients).
471. Visit a scene from a movie
472. Learn a new language
473. Look into a mirror and talk to your own reflection
474. Dream in a Dream
475. Talk to a plant
476. Talk to a rock
477. Become the planet
478. Date a DC
479. Make yourself a raindrop
473. Lick things you wouldn't lick in real life eg the carpet, dirt (this may be good for stabilization!)
474. Create buildings
475. Sit next to a computer and say "Take me to the internet" And see what happens.
476. turn into Vincent Van Gogh and paint the sunflowers painting again
477. Create a door to take you to where you want
478. create and flesh out stories and worlds around you to help you write them in waking life.
479. Turn yourself inside out
480. Watch the sound waves from your footsteps as you walk
481. Use google and search for the answers of questions you want to know about
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby Gemini1998 » 27 Apr 2015 00:15

create a god, then ask him questions about what makes him a god

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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby RebeccahereC: » 29 Apr 2015 19:16

682. Become a famous artist
683. Go to the university you want, get a degree in your ideal job and become the best you can be!
684. Become a pro at what you always wanted to.
685. Play minecraft by jumping inside your Dream PC
686. Make it rain your favourite food!
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 May 2015 13:21

686. Make it rain your favourite food!

You may want to think twice if its coconuts :P


* Go to a classroom full of children and make their desks dance.
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby SgtPepper » 03 Jun 2015 03:40

687. Go to your place of work and give your boss orders
688. Sit in on a court hearing. Do you agree with the judge's decision?
689. Or, you can BE the judge.
690. Try to make a DC laugh.
691. Fart on a DC (try not to gag!)
692. Use editing software to play a song backwards. What does it sound like?
693. You are now a cab driver. What kind of people get into your cab?
694. Turn on the radio. What is the first thing you hear?
695. Taste a food that you refuse to try in real life. How does it taste?
696. Taste a food that you love. How does it compare to the real thing?
697. While a dream character is watching, fake an injury. Did the DC help? Laugh at you? Did he figure out that you were faking it?
698. Help AGP destroy a kitchen (if you don't know what I'm taking about, YouTube "agp candy" and watch the first result; viewer discretion is advised).
699. Speak to a dream character in a foreign language. Do they understand you? How do they respond?
700. Be a cop. Do the suspects run away? Do they surrender? What kind of excuses do they give you?

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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby Indoril Nerevar » 28 Jun 2015 10:55

1007. Try your imagined flavors and foots in waking reality. Your favorite sub, etc.
1008. Wear a suit made of that like Lady Gaga. (idk if shes loooves bacon, but I reckon shes wearing it isnt she? No offense to fans :D )
1009. Make giant sized Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks mascots and watch em punching it out of each other somewhere in the middle of Africa. Feed a small African village with the loser.
1010. (For all Bethesda Softworks fans out there) Color the world with an ENB.
1011. Befriend a talking donkey. Give HIM a ride on YOUR back in the middle of an ocean.
1012. Visit Gallifrey from Doctor Who. Stomp some Dalek tin cans.
1013. Make a 50ft tall burger with your favorite stuff. Pick it up and smash a McDonalds with it then eat the burger.
1014. Place yourself into your video game worlds and do stuff you don't normally get to do. Make thousands of characters from scratch and interact with em.
1015. Visit Hell's circles. King yourself. Join a cult. Lick chocolate flavored lava. Get high with some imps. Bind Satan, spoonfeed him old people food.
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby Jigsaw79 » 08 Jul 2015 14:11

Indoril Nerevar wrote:1015. Visit Hell's circles. King yourself. Join a cult. Lick chocolate flavored lava. Get high with some imps. Bind Satan, spoonfeed him old people food.

*backs away slowly*

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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby Indoril Nerevar » 08 Jul 2015 18:21

1016. Go ice-skating on the ocean.
1017. Create and visit alien worlds with ten suns and fifty moons and interact with the flora and fauna
1018. Be EZIO AUDITORE DA FIRENZE!!! Leap over rooftops in search of eagle feathers.
1019. Start a rave on the moon with your imaginary manifested friends. Create music in zero gravity.
1020. Create your own soda. Chill it to just the right temperature (when it loses just enough gas to not make your throat beg for mercy and gets just cool enough to not turn into a bottled ice-cube).
- - - - "A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single one"

Recorded Dreams: 52
Lucid Dreams: 14 ...Hush, I'm just starting out :P
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Meditation Limit: 20 minutes till too bored.

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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Aug 2015 03:53

I saw this in some ones else's LD and its something I just need to try some time myself.

* Jump off of a cliff but then stop yourself falling during the fall. (you could manifest an umbrella and go into a float like Mary Poppins).
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