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Re: WILD OBE floating to the ceiling

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 17:45
by lucidinthe sky
I'm going to try the experiment too.

I just had 2 more dreams where I was flying/floating again, one lucid and one non-lucid. I was not in my bedroom in either but they were both very interesting and enjoyable. In the lucid dream, I did a reality check and saw my hands were almost black in color with 6 fingers. I had been driving a bus and had gotten out to get something from an apartment when I realized it. The people in the bus were waiting for me to return to drive it. I looked at the people on the bus and thought "We are going to have some fun driving this bus, what kind of crazy thing can I do with it? But what if it's not a dream?" Dreams are just too real and I was too afraid I could be wrong so I decided to try to fly first. I immediately took off and started talking to the DCs around me, asking them if they knew how this works. Just then my cat jumped on the bed and woke me up :(

The non-lucid dream was actually better and in that one I got a DC to agree to come with me with the DCs body laying on top of mine, both on our backs and floating/flying around. It was very enjoyable and the DC really liked it too.

Starting to have much better success now, but working much harder at it too. Hopefully I can try the experiment soon.