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Half Lucid/ vyvans/???

Posted: 10 Oct 2013 04:47
by whalelion4681
Ok so i was feeling pretty tired cause i just got back from exercising at the gym. So when i got home at about 8, i crashed. By the way, i took a vyvans in the morning for school, because i have add and adhd. Ever since i've been taking them i've been having really Vivid dreams, slightly lucid. ANYWAYS, (i don't know remember when my dream started you never do), but i remember it being really horrifyingly scary. Probably because i just got back from Knotts scary farm. I was running around in this weird place it was inside and at first it was like a game. I was with my friends brother. We were looking for something, we walked into this room and the whole scenery switched into like a empty dark kitchen with noone home. Me and him were like wat the hell is going on...then i said this is scary as hell im grabbing a knife! So we both grabbed a huge kitchen knife. Then we waited in the dark kitchen everything dark, then all you could hear was footsteps...walking down the stairs and this guy ran up to us with two guns. One in each hand then i started convincing him not to kill us, and he didn't then he sat down and i looked at his face,(for some reason i could see him now) and it was my good friend Joey! I asked why he wanted to kill me and he just laughed(he wanted to kill me because i beat him in a game or something) then he started shooting me(& in my dreams everytime something hurts me it actually physically hurts, because i have a bad back so my nerve cells trigger my muscles to contract with energy) so, i took his gun out of his hand & and smacked him across the face with it and he stopped. Also each time the dream got scarier and scarier i would kind of counter it by beatboxing or doing random stupid stuff it was like subconsciouisly i knew i was dreaming, but i couldn't control it and the vyvans made it extremely more vivid :D

Re: Half Lucid/ vyvans/???

Posted: 10 Oct 2013 05:04
by whalelion4681
i also took a vitamin that had b6 in it so that helped