Pressing My Own Hands Through My Skull

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Re: Pressing My Own Hands Through My Skull

Postby HAGART » 19 Oct 2013 18:41

HAGART wrote:What would happen if we tried this while looking in a mirror? :shock:

Wait no longer. I actually did that this morning!

It was a very realistic dream that started while I was still in bed, trying to go back to sleep and stay aware and mentally alert as possible as my body naturally fell asleep. I kept waking up from short little dream images, and unbeknownst to me, after one of them, I was already in the phase. I looked around and thought, 'nah, this is too real, but I'll do a reality check anyway just in case'. I made a cord on the ceiling fan above move just by willing it. I got up, and as I walked up stairs I pressed my right fingers (index and middle) into my left palm. Just like before, there was some resistance and it slowly sunk in. I wasn't looking at them though when I did it, so I only felt the sensations.

Upstairs there was a full sized mirror, on a sliding door for a closet by the front door. (There is one like that in real life, however this one was in a slightly different position). I was apprehensive to stand in front of it because sometimes mirrors can reveal bizarre, distorted images of myself, but I did it anyway. It was such a realistic and stable dream I looked exactly the same as I do now. (At least there were no major anomalies and seemed flawless at the time).

I placed my fingers on my temples (middle and index only) and slowly pushed them in as I watched. As they sank deeper, my vision began to cross (like cross-eyes), and my two eyes in the mirror I was watching moved toward each other. When they overlapped my vision was crystal clear again. (If you know those Magic Eye Pictures then you know how you can let your eyes relax and when two very similar objects overlap they come into focus. More on that phenomenon later in case nobody knows).

So there I was, standing in front of the mirror, my fingers about half deep in my head, staring at a cyclops version of myself! :shock:

I heard footsteps coming down stairs and it was my Grandmother. At first I didn't want her there because she was a distraction and she was trying to talk to me as she fiddled around in another room. (I noted to myself just how flawless her voice was and this dream was extremely vivid and life like which are rare for me). She came over to me near the mirror and I had an idea. :twisted:

I placed my right fingers in her left temple and attempted to push them in. It worked! Not only that, it was a lot easier then pressing them into my own head. (No apprehension this time). I had my whole hand in there, and even remember seeing the tips of my fingers protruding out the other side. I asked her, "How do you explain this?" I forget her response, but it was essentially, "What do you mean?" (She had no idea it was a dream). Remember how in my last attempt I wanted to press my hands through my face? Well, I slowly pushed my hand out her face from the inside. The face became disfigured, nose and mouth were gone, her right eye was still intact, but her left one was now a small, pencil-sized hole with a bright yellow mustard in it. (Yellow-matter-mustard ;) ) I asked her what she saw in the mirror and again she saw nothing wrong and was oblivious to what I was doing. I pulled my hand completely out through the face and she was back to normal now.

I then pressed my fingers into her right temple this time and as I press my hand deeper, the bones around that area began to spread like a snake dislocating it jaw. I had my fist in there and I was going to ram my entire arm in, but I started to feel that what I was doing was wrong and the dream ended abruptly.

When I woke up, I had a residual sensation in my hand after abruptly being thrown out of the dream with my hand in a head. I could still sort of feel it. I also felt guilty doing that to a very realistic version of my own Grandmother. But the residual sensation in my hand, and the guilty feelings went away after a minute. It's just a dream and my Grandmother doesn't have to know. It's our little secret.... on the internet published for all to see! :lol: (But being technologically illiterate, she will never read this).
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