3 LD's in 2 days!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Postby Guitar48300 » 13 Nov 2013 01:23

Juggernaut625 wrote:Yeah same XD

I know this might sound really dumb, but have any of you tried 'harming' yourself in dreams to prove your dreaming? I actually done this in my dream but didn't mention it, when I was floating around I actually bit myself to see if it hurt, but I didn't feel any pain. It was like biting rubber, quite weird. :P

I once jumped off a skyscraper, landed on my feet and didnt feel a thing. Though I made a small dent in the street 8-)
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Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Postby lucidinthe sky » 13 Nov 2013 02:12

I took my head off my body last night in a non-lucid dream for the first time, but not to hurt myself. Don't why I did it, but it was very cool. I held up the head and looked at my face, the eyes and facial expression were frozen, but it was me. I was very interested to know what the connection point at the bottom looked like so I flipped it over expecting to see a lot of blood and disgusting looking things. It was pretty clean actually with a small hole in the center. I decided to put it back on since leaving it off for too long might kill me (my dream thinking anyway) :)
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Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Postby HAGART » 13 Nov 2013 04:49

Pain to prove I'm dreaming... just once, I pinched myself just like the old saying. I felt it just like pinching myself in real life and I didn't wake up. But I knew I as dreaming already, and just wanted to test that old saying out.

I have an ongoing, bizarre lucid dream goal that I tried twice:
I want to rip my own arm off in a dream!
The two times that I tried it, it was stuck on there pretty good and it didn't work.

But a few weeks ago, to build up practice, and start small, I decided to rip my own finger off. It worked. It stretched and broke off like play-dough. There was no pain. Then I looked and noticed, I still had 5 fingers despite the one that was missing. Somehow one just appeared without me realizing it. I tried again, and still had 5 fingers, with two missing. The palm was getting wider to accommodate for the extra space. I then went crazy and used my other hand like a knife, and chopped off many fingers, karate style, and now the palm was about a foot long and I STILL HAD 5 FINGERS at the end of all the missing ones. I never actually held the missing finger in my other hand and looked at it. I should have done that.

It sounds crazy, but an LD goal of mine is to rip off my left arm with my right one and hold it, and look at it. Maybe even bite into it and see what it tastes like.

I have a feeling my left arm will still be there when I move it, and will probably be holding a dead arm with both my hands, like I just created a new object in the dream. Then again, I really don't know, so that's why I have to try it one day!
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Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2013 04:42

Juggernaut625 wrote:Exactly! I don't understand why you'd judge someone for what they do in a LD, very silly xD

As for goals, here's my list from 1 being most wanted and 5 being less wanted

1) Taste food
2) Have a full conversation with a DC
3) Experience LD Sex
4) Fly above the clouds
5) Walk through walls/objects (Which I've done)

What's yours? :)

I think my top LD goal right now is car surfing.

I almost did it a couple of months ago, would have done if I just went ahead and done it once I was on top of the van.. but instead, i decided I needed bare feet, so sat back down to take off my shoes and then when I went to restand up again.. the van I was on the roof of, stopped at a gateway.

I then jumped off the roof as I got distracted.. A group of males were there and I wanted to have sex orge ... which failed when to my shock, they all knocked me back. :lol: Lucid dreams sometimes suck
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