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3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 17:15
by Juggernaut625
Hi guys, I just want to share with you my dreams on the weekend, which were LD's and a 'problem' I'm having with flying.

So basically, it was the sunday, I couldn't take my mind off of LD's for some reason. I must of thought about it for about 3 hours before bed, before going to sleep as usual.

So my first dream on Saturday... I went into the dream Lucid. It started off me flying toward a factory saying "Ok, I know this wont last long so let's make it special!", I had the intention of being... 'intimate' with other females if you get what I'm saying. ;)
So I turned the corner and there was this girl, she was amazing. I tried to talk to her but to no avail, she literally looked right through me. She then walked around the corner, and was gone. I thought to myself "This place is boring" and pictured a strip club, I thought of all the detail then tried to figure out how to change it... I tried running through a wall, and it worked. I was suddenly in a so called 'strip club' but it was more of a nightclub, and I quickly woke up for some reason.

Now this one is special - I had 2 lucid dreams in one night!

So I was in my dream and I was getting dropped off at school by my parents, I was reluctant to go in so I was trying to persuade my mam and dad to keep me off (This was literally so real, surroundings etc). Anyway's they seemed like they wanted to but they didn't, so I got out of my car and the gate I usually walk through to get into school was shut, so I literally just jumped over it (It must be atleast around 7 foot tall), I thought "How the hell did I do that?!" But didn't really realise the unrealism of the situation.

I then suddenly was in a huge 'box', filled with a greyish kind of white, but my receptionist was still there, I had a bike and I just threw it next to the bike shed, I asked the receptionist if they could let me know if my parents came back, and she agreed. I waited outside for what seemed like around 7 minutes, and was suddenly in my house with the thought "My parents are picking me up from school - I have to go back there". So I grabbed my shoes and went to depart to walk to school, until my brother came behind me and said "What are you doing here your meant to be at school" and then I replied with "Who cares, it's only a dream", then it snapped to me I was actually dreaming! I tried to reply to my brother again but he walked off and when I tried to follow him he was gone. I continued outside and jumped, higher than usual to be expected, and I didn't come down. I wanted to go super high to see all of my surroundings, but I kept having to sort of 'pant' my way up, as if I was swimming upwards but instead flying. It's like I just cant push myself to be able to fly high enough to be above the clouds (which is a lucid goal for me). Anyway's I was able to sort of strafe for a few seconds before waking up unfortunately.

I was unaware of my situation and didn't even bother moving, I didn't even realise I woke up. I just closed my eyes again and was quickly asleep again.

I think about 30 seconds later I was asleep, once again I was lucid as soon as the dream started.
This time, I was in this comfortable looking pad, with 2 girls who asked if I wanted to have sex with them, I agreed (obviously) but they then walked out and didn't come back. I quickly noticed they were gone, so I stepped out to the back garden to find them sunbathing outside. I quickly asked if they wanted to continue but they ignored me, so I just continued (to see what would happen), and they started screaming and an enormous (and I mean enormous) dog came running out and I literally sh*t myself. I tried to jump away from it but it caught my leg and I woke up.

So I think I'll leave the topic of LD sex until I'm a bit more experienced XD don't really wanna see that dog again. I don't know what drove me to it though, just to experience it in a dream I guess. But yeah could someone maybe answer my question about the flying? How I'd be able to fly higher, it's quite strange.

Have any of you been lucid as soon as soon as your in a dream? If so, what method is this? Is it WILD?

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 22:41
More people seek out sexual desires in their dreams then they want to admit.
I've got lots of experience with that though :oops:. It's actually a fun way to learn lucid dream control, prolonging dreams, talking to dream characters, and how to conjure them in the first place.

My subconscious tends to make it difficult for me too, and I usually just move on and figure it was not meant to be.

I don't fly well either. I know what it's like to swim through the air or try and use my arms like an airplane wing, but it doesn't work well. I've tried those and just felt stupid doing it. :lol:

I tried this and it might work for you: Direct your attention upward to the clouds and let yourself rise and go there without looking down. Looking down pulls me back. Then once you are up there you may then look back down and fly around. In my experience, once I am high up around airplane altitude I don't fall back, but if I'm watching the surroundings around me it's hard for me to rise up past tree height without gravity pulling me back down. So if you ignore the ground it may work better.

Or also, don't think of it as flying, but levitating. So you don't need to jump or get a running head start, you just let yourself rise.

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 01:00
by Guitar48300
Flying seems to be easy for me especially when it's still vivid. 3 months ago I had a lucid where I just ran then dove with my arms spread out and I was airbourne instantly going pretty fast. Then last week's lucid I just looked up and very slowly went up. But then I fell and the dream was blurry and blacking out when I reached my highest point.

Not sure if that helps or not, but the way I fly is I just go for it

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 09:44
by Vonozar
Guitar48300 wrote: Not sure if that helps or not, but the way I fly is I just go for it

I absolutely agree with this. I just go for it and haven't had a problem with that yet. If I try to put thought into it I end up either falling to the ground or just completely stopping in mid air. Just treat it like an every day thing. You don't think about walking, do you? How to do it or if you're walking correctly? Probably not. Try to treat flying that way, at least until you get the hang of it. Just go for it and see how it goes. :)

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 16:11
by Juggernaut625
Thankyou guys! I'll be sure to put these techniques to use in my next LD.

As for lucid sex, everyone will try it at one point. I don't see why you should hide it, not like your going to meet anyone on here anyways xD

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 17:45
Juggernaut625 wrote:As for lucid sex, everyone will try it at one point. I don't see why you should hide it, not like your going to meet anyone on here anyways xD

True. And it shouldn't diminish or take away from anyone's more profound lucid dream accomplishments they share. I know I'm not judgmental. Why should I think others are?

Vonozar wrote:Just treat it like an every day thing. You don't think about walking, do you?

That's a good point, and should help me fly too.

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 22:06
by Juggernaut625
Exactly! I don't understand why you'd judge someone for what they do in a LD, very silly xD

As for goals, here's my list from 1 being most wanted and 5 being less wanted

1) Taste food
2) Have a full conversation with a DC
3) Experience LD Sex
4) Fly above the clouds
5) Walk through walls/objects (Which I've done)

What's yours? :)

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 23:51
I've done all five.
Number 4: Flying above the clouds. I said I had trouble with it, but it helps to be up in the air to start with. I was in a bed, experiencing a little bit of #3. Just cuddling, when I realized I was dreaming. I rolled out of bed and I felt like I fell from an airplane. I had a girl riding piggy back and I said, "Do you want to see something cool?" I pretended to have a jetpack and I flew around and started going faster and faster to see how fast I could go. It went so fast, it all went blurry. Kind of like in star wars when they go into hyper speed, all the visuals elongated and flew by me. It was good fun and I bet she was impressed! 8-)

Those 5 tend to be the main ones that almost all lucid dreamers start doing, and are fun no matter how many times you do them.

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 00:17
by Guitar48300
#1 I can do just fine in reality :lol: but there are some foods and drinks I'm curious to what they taste like. (Some of the drinks are stuff I wouldnt drink in reality ;) )
#2 is a main goal of mine as well.
I havent flown over the clouds, but I've flown over the freeway near my house.

Re: 3 LD's in 2 days!

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 00:32
by Juggernaut625
Yeah same XD

I know this might sound really dumb, but have any of you tried 'harming' yourself in dreams to prove your dreaming? I actually done this in my dream but didn't mention it, when I was floating around I actually bit myself to see if it hurt, but I didn't feel any pain. It was like biting rubber, quite weird. :P