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Re: Majic Journeys "baby talk"

Posted: 30 May 2012 02:27
by Peter
I am about ready to start finding then and seeing what they may offer and feel this will be an interesting goal. They have tested me in many ways over the years and are starting to make themselves more obvious in recent times. Will keep you posted

Re: Majic Journeys "meditation in the dreamspace "

Posted: 26 Aug 2012 03:47
by Peter
Little restless and could not settle mind, this does not worry me as the supplements start to work in about 30 to 40 minutes and I only need to capture this reaction to get set up for a WILD. I see some dream images start to form up and am ready to step out of my body and into a dream. I am not quite ready and open my eyes but they are my real eyes and I see my room so I close them again and the images are there once more. I wait a little and the images seem to be a little more solid, it is my room but there is a shelf to one side and they look like bunk beds. I ignore this and just get up and walk to the doors that exit to the balcony. It is so real that I wonder if I am sleep walking, I put my hands on the door handle and it feels solid and I think that maybe I am sleep walking and if so I better not force my way through the glass doors. I am still standing and feel my body go to sleep, it drops to the floor and I hear it thump and am now still standing with my dream body and my hand on the door handle. I wonder if my body is on the floor asleep.
I walk through the door and am happy as this confirms that I am dreaming and so will not hurt myself if I jump off the balcony. I move to the rail and glass panels on the edge of the balcony and again walk through these for another conformation that I am dreaming. I am now floating in the air.
One dream goal is to meditate in the dream so I close my dream eyes and start to relax my mind and lose all thought. I am now gently spinning in 360% circles in a horizontal plane and moving gently forward as well. This is a pleasant motion and I am enjoying it. I feel warm and safe, I am still moving forward and a bright light is in my mind and I think it is the sun in the distance. It is warm and has a infuses me with a nice energy that I am enjoying. I let the motion and feelings carry on for a few minutes.

I open my eyes and I am high up in the sky over the ocean looking down on a big wooden building that is on its own island or is an island. I descend and land on the deck outside. It is a restaurant and I wander inside and have a look around.
I talked to the waitresses and then left the building and then moved on by flying over the ocean. I tried singing while flying ( I can’t sing at all in real life, I am that bad I once got told to pretend when I was in a school choir by the teacher). My voice was special and had sweet clear tones that were as pure as a bell ringing. At times there were other voices joining me and I sung for a long time and it was pure joy. (I was thinking that if anyone could hear me there might be some horrid squawking sounds coming from my body) After this I looked around for a sliver thread that I have seen many times but could not see it this time.
I seen some others flying below me and picked one to talk to , he tried to give me his name but it was the usual meaningless noise so I tried to send him a ball of thought instead. ( I have done this a few times and I think what I want to say and imagine it is a tight ball of blue light and will this into the DC’s mind. At times they answer by a thought that appears in my mind) it did not work this time so I moved on.

Man lecturing troops, he is serious and I decide to have some fun so I move up past the troops and ask him where the nearest café is as I want a coffee. He looks really pissed at this, I laugh and move on.

I move on, wake up as it is now daylight. I then enter the dream again to practise the skill of re-entry and am walking down a tree lined path in what looks like an orchard. I enjoy the feeling of the day and energy of the place.

I wake up happy and content.

Dual awareness

Posted: 11 Sep 2012 23:34
by Peter
Lucid - WILD

One of a few dreams last night

Lucid and getting a geology lesson from a man called Chris that I know in WR. He is trying to explain a concept and I am not familiar with the word. He shows me a picture of what he means and I get that we are talking about a volcanic vent and ask him is that is the case and is it like the one that made the basalt quarry in Hallswall in Christchurch. He says yes and we talk about this for a while.

With Chris in a new scene that we have just been bumped into. There are people looking at the ground and digging and Chris explains that below is his family history and there is a story that he wants to know about. He is digging and I see a double ended tool like a paddle and pick this up and start helping him and he is OK with me digging into his family history. We are clearing dirt away from a big old tree stump and I break through into a hollow below and am told that it is the hut that his ancestors lived in and he wants to know what happened in there. I dig some more and the tree stump appears to now be sitting in a hole and looks a little odd. I realize that it is more like on of the portals that I want to start going through but have been reluctant to do so for a long time. I fall forward and into the stump and move through and am now on the floor of the hut and lying down. I am in another persons body but with my awareness so I am an actor and observer at the same time. There is some noise and I wake up and stand up, a man is in front of me with a chopping tool and he hits me mid chest and cuts me open. I feel the blade go in and feel the cut and then I die.

I am now back up on the ground above and explain to Chris what happened in the hut. I tell him that the mans name is James and this is very clear and I have no doubt of the name.

I move from this dream to another

Re: Majic Journeys "baby talk"

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 03:33
by lucidinthe sky
Did you stay lucid from one scene to the next? Sounds like quite a long one. I have only had one or two times where I stayed lucid during scene changes, for me it's easy to miss the transtion and lose lucidity.

Re: Majic Journeys "baby talk"

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 06:05
by Peter
I did in this sequence and had a few more dreams after that with some degree of lucidity. Most times in a deep lucid I stay that way from beginning to end without to much trouble. This was a new type of experience for me with the awareness that I held of two bodies in one and no supplements at all so a nice natural WILD

Re: Majic Journeys WBTB lucid

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 20:25
by Peter
WBTB - Lucid

Looking at wooden floor of bedroom and admiring the pattern in the planks, the wood is spongy and I cant think why. I wonder if I am dreaming and then a big crack appears in the planks - AHA, dreaming, lucid.

In a room with a lot of DC and having a debate with one of them about religion and the value of it. Went on for a long time and was great.


Early in the night I was in a kitchen slicing up beef into very thin portions and eating and sharing this with some DC.

Note - I have only eaten meat a few times in the last few months as I have had no taste for it, a sign from within to eat some?

Majic Journeys - DC stops my dream!

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 06:51
by Peter

Interesting CWILD this morning.
Up for about 40 minutes and a cup of coffee then back to bed.
I was repeating the mantra ( I will accept any energy or event that appears to me) as I was drifting into the dream
Some chatter in the head for a while and just ignoring this and watching the blackness in my head flash and pulse with some random lights, the familiar blue patch starting to expand, pulse and absorb me.

I am watching myself descend a steep mountain pass on my bike, its wet and I am very nervous on the slippery road and take some care, going a little fast and want to shed some speed but also very weary of brakes locking and losing it. I get it under control and then start thinking that as I am dreaming I can go a little faster as all I need is belief and I will come to no harm. I continue into a very fast decent and feel high from the fun of it.

I am in a room and there are a few people there, someone hands me a small container and it is full of very small needles and test strips, I lean over to see and get a few hundred needles in my hand. Someone says sorry as they dropped a lot of them and forgot to tell me, they are small and sharp so I proceed to take them out and each one hurts. After a while I just will them out as I am dreaming and it’s the easy way.
I want to move on so I go to a room and there is mirror there so I start to push myself through it, there is a DC watching and he is curious so I explain that I am off somewhere and the mirror is my gateway. I am struggling as it’s a little way off the ground so I get up on the basin and launch myself at the mirror and go through.
I am now at the top of a steep street, I have been here before and look forward to what is about to happen. I find my board, jump on and start to descend the street. I scare everyone, push carts out of the way, bash a group of louts off the street and push a racy looking car of the road. An old lady is in the way; I slow down and let her past.

I am now walking up the end of the street and the road widens, people get scarce and there are some big buildings around. I sit on a stone wall and look around. When I get off the wall it crumbles and I get off and walk away, I look at the building and wonder about wrecking it but decide not to. I look at the wall and decide to repair it, with will power I direct some stones into place one at a time and then pick up a big heap (with will) and direct them to the wall and they place themselves in a nice pattern. I now notice some masons working and they are looking and ask me to move some big rocks the size of trucks for them, I look at the pile and select a very big one, it rises and I start to move it up the hill to where they say they want it.

The dream just stops and a DC appears in front of me, we are both in the air floating at this stage. He says don’t move the rocks as it is the stoneworkers job. I ask who are you and his face scrolls through several DC's that I have seen many times and he says he is always watching me in some way and he is always there. I get a feeling of immense strength. I say I want to move deeper in my dreams and will he help me. His reply is that yes he will and I am to follow him and he will give me a clear node to use for dreaming (whatever that means?)
We go to a normal looking place, rural land, barns and workshops - his place I feel. I am there for a while and look at him hook up to a machine, he breathes into it and two other DC's breathe out what he put in.
Nothing appears to happen to me and so I wander away, still at his place an in the air I lift up a big slap of white marble and using a finger pointed at the slab I carve a figure, sort of a head on top and a body make of threads and swirls.
This is similar to some of my energy drawings of a dream body but more substance.

I feel this is all that’s needed and wake myself up.

The appearance of the DC, his words and the many faces that he displayed were a shock. This character was just pure strength and stopped my dream dead, it just froze and he appeared and told me “NO” but also agreed to help me in my task. I have no idea how he did or if he did, he also said that if I ever need him just ask and he will appear, I asked how and the reply was “just ask”

Re: Majic Journeys "baby talk"

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 20:35
by lucidinthe sky
Peter wrote:I am about ready to start finding then and seeing what they may offer and feel this will be an interesting goal. They have tested me in many ways over the years and are starting to make themselves more obvious in recent times. Will keep you posted

I'm also interested in the roles that DCs play and in particular about conversations/interactions with them. Wondering if we put the DCs there for a specific purpose and that's it. Like if they were actors/actresses in some play: they have a role, maybe some lines, maybe not. Then we come into lucidity and suddenly the play can be changed. We interact with them in ways that maybe weren't part of the original script.

Sometimes my DCs are looking at me as if to say "Hey, I don't have any lines in this dream." Other times they say things, but if I change the subject, they seem lost. Often my dreams seem to be minimalistic in that they only have the bare essentials that are required, and of course in LD we are looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.

Re: Majic Journeys

Posted: 29 Dec 2012 03:16
by Summerlander
Thank you for sharing this, Peter, as it eloquently reminds us of some of the erratic behaviour and strange evasiveness we sometimes get from the people we meet in lucid dreams.

I see many possibilities here and I can envision what you experienced as I have had similar experiences myself as a progressing lucid dreamer. One possibility is that the response you got regarding the first lucid dream you you posted in this thread reflected some of your thinking patterns and doubts about the stage you are at. You may have even gone beyond the level of communication and information-seeking experience that you've just had in this particular lucid dream but may feel frustrated at the fact that you don't always have full control. Even as an experienced oneironaut, you must clearly see that there is a lot of true in the words of Robert Waggoner: the sailor does not control the sea. - You can have a high degree of control and excellent direction, but, ultimately, you are not really in charge - just like the rest of us when we lucidly perambulate the dream world.

There might have been some unconscious mental conflict which, in this particular case, prevented you, the conscious self, from getting a quick and coherent answer. Perhaps the unconscious needed more time to formulate a response through those dream figures at that particular time and given the mental circumstances.

I also wouldnt take it too much to heart or even find what that DC said to you as particularly offensive. It could, after all, be taken as constructive criticism in that perhaps you know you have something to work on and experience will only mature you. So my advice would be for lucid dreamers to be neutral with these characters who potentially hold useful information. Don't get annoyed with them. If one of them says you are not mature enough, respond with a follow-up question: how can I be mature and increase my chances of becoming lucid?

A reply may astound you and leave you buzzing with inspiration when you wake up. If, for whatever reason, you feel dissatisfied with the information you receive despite having given the character a second chance, just find another dream person who will help or even translocate to another scene and ask the dream itself. Focus on the goal and be confident that you will receive something useful and inspiring.

Good luck!

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Re: Majic Journeys

Posted: 29 Dec 2012 04:48
by Peter
Thanks for feedback. I was happy with this dream and the interaction with the DC. For a while I have set the goal of moving on to see what I can find within the dream space and slowly breaking fears and barriers (all self imposed I know) and this one was very interesting.
The DC just stopped the dream dead and showed his many faces from over the years. Now I am not concerned if he is internal, external, male, female or none of these - whats interesting is that it appeared to be independent of the dream, responds to me asking and was willing to provide direction or help and willing to be contacted again.
This is interesting and for me needs more thinking about, I am not sure if I will try to contact again or just get on with goals and let this DC come to me as needed. The ultimate form of self guidance maybe.

As for controlling the dream I am not bothered about this and a lot of the time just let it flow, its not the environmental I am seeking but some for of intelligence among it so any control is really pointless and only seeks to put ego into the picture by way of some form of comfort so no need for this.

I also wouldnt take it too much to heart or even find what that DC said to you as particularly offensive. It could, after all, be taken as constructive criticism in that perhaps you know you have something to work on and experience will only mature you.

No offence there, I was wrapped as it found me and in my mind told me to stop playing and get on with the direction I am going and that there is help whenever I need it if I only ask.

If one of them says you are not mature enough, respond with a follow-up question: how can I be mature and increase my chances of becoming lucid?

I am thinking of asking this question on how to get lucid, if its me asking me then there should be a very simple answer that is right there in front of me