Driving in a forest

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Driving in a forest

Postby dreamworld777 » 30 Jan 2014 16:46

I am driving at night and notice that there is forest on both sides of me.I see a path and drive in.I know that I am dreaming but do not have any control in the dream.
As I'm driving on the path,it begins to disappear and I am now driving where there is no path.I'm slightly worried about becoming stuck but manage to find my way back onto the path which again becomes blocked by 3 bare trees with no leaves on them.All 3 trees are exactly the same standing side by side..I notice this and begin to drive around the trees and again worry for a moment that my car will become stuck..but it doesn't..I am able to make my way out of the forest and back onto the street.
Again,I feel aware that I am dreaming but become slightly confused or undecided where I should go next.
I notice the streets are wet as if it has rained but it is not raining at the moment.I look at the time and it is 9:30pm and I tell myself that I am too early to go to work but do not know where I should go.I just drive trying to make up my mind and then wake up...

In this dream I pay very close attention to these 3 trees that are blocking my path.They are bare with no leaves,small trees with branches sticking up everywhere.They are identical to each other and stand in an exact line all side by side.I stop in front of them and stare at them for several minutes before I pass around them.I seem to drive down a small hill to get around them.It is very dark in the forest.
When I wake up,the first thing i think about and remember is these 3 trees which I remember so clearly...

Any thoughts as to what this dream means or represents?
Thanks in advance dreamers!

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