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First Lucid Dream This Year!

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 02:55
by DenLucid
Sitting in my old AiKiDo class and my best friend starts laughing. I realize I'm dreaming, almost wake up. I close my eyes and say to myself "when I open eyes I'll be back in the dream." I open my eyes and yes still in dream.
I walk out of the room and into my 'dream house.' I really enjoy walking around experiencing this house and dream. My, in waking world, 2 month old baby rides up to me on tricycle, he has full head of bushy hair and a beard! I pick him up and he weighs almost nothing. I tell him 'dream baby is very light.'

I fly around the house and am just about to break thru a window and fly around outside when I think I hear my real baby cry and decide I need to get out of the dream.

This was a very fun lucid dream.