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Your favorite lucid dream

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 06:42
by GalMutzafy
What is your favorite lucid dream?

The one you did something you always wanted to do, something that made you happy / excited and etc.

I didn't have a LD with a full conscious yet so I can't answer this question, but I hope soon I can do the things I would love to do.

Re: Your favorite lucid dream

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 09:30
by taniaaust1
It's hard to say, Ive enjoyed so many of mine. The ones I enjoy the most are the ones in which challenged me in some way or which I succeded doing something new.. so gave me a real sense of satification. Sometimes they are things which wouldnt sound at all exciting to others but to me, I knew it was a great achievement for me at the time.

eg the first time I pulled myself into a LD from a very small patch of colour, the first time I dropped out of a dream and focused and took myself back into one etc etc. I just love challenges and knowing Ive progressed in some way in my LD skills. First time I changed a scary DC into something else is another one of my favourites as it was a new skill to me at the time .. (things like flying arent really important to me).

Re: Your favorite lucid dream

Posted: 25 Feb 2014 18:17
Here's the exact Dream Journal entry I made of one of my favorites. I didn't edit it at all.

Things to know:
Baron = My dog.
Whitby = A house I use to live in.
My Grandmother lives in an attached 'apartment' to the house I live in now, so I see her often.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

WBTB at 7:45 (I layed in bed and tried to relax my body while remaining alert in my mind. I would snap out of a short dream frequently. Slept in TV room sofa bed)

I was in bed and rolled over. I felt relaxed and that SP would kick in soon. I was feeling annoyed that I kept waking up all the time and wanted to be lucid, but at the same time, I was also very relaxed and felt close. I rolled over again, and there is a large gap in the corner between the mattress and the arm rest. I stared down it and felt like I was being entranced into a dream. But it was wide, so I put the pillow over it to block and rested on my side. I felt my glasses on my face, so I took them off and put them on a cluttered table beside the armrest. (There is no such table in real life). I then noticed there was already a pair of glasses there. How can there be two? I noticed that one was a pair of sunglasses, my other pair. (The band was thick, not like real life). I then wondered how did I not notice my glasses on before when I was rolling around, and why would I fall asleep with them on? I looked around and it was too real, but I decided to do a reality check just in case. On the ceiling there was a cord dangling, perhaps from a ceiling fan (not there in real life). But I think there was a red handle like the garage openers too. I tried to make it move and it did, and swayed back and forth. I saw another cord across the room and made that one move too. I was pretty sure now, but it was still just way too real. But it doesn't hurt to get up and walk around. When I got up, I was a little disoreintated and the visuals became foggy. I then stood and began to walk. Baron was in bed now for some reason behind me. I almost wanted to go back (perhaps my subconscious trying to get me to go back).

I did another RC and made a card move. (There are magic cards on the floor in real life). As I walked upstairs, I pressed my right two fingers (index and middle) in the the palm of my left. I didn't look and just noted the feeling. Just like before, there was some resistance at first and it slowly gave way. I was now 100% certain it was a dream. I wanted to make it more clear, because now it was getting a little foggy without creating new details for my environment. I decided to demand clarity and said it outloud as if an unseen person would hear it and give it to me. It didn't work. To the left of the front door was a room, the size of the one here, but the style of Whitby with a step down (i think). There was a gorgeous christmas tree with large orbs. I started to hop around and thought perhaps exitement would stablize the dream. I then saw a large present, not box-shaped, but as if it had clothes in it. I just knew it was from mom, and at the time I even remembered she was overseas in real life. There was a message written in green glitter glue and in large print it read something like:


When I looked again the words were the same but in a different order and I think one ended in an S.

I then went back to the main entry and saw a mirror for a sliding door of a closet. It was facing toward the tree, sideways to how they are in real life. I was happy to see the mirror because last night I wrote about putting my fingers through my head while watching.

I stood in front of the mirror, a little wary at first because I didn't know what my reflection would look like. I was surprised it looked perfectly normal. (I didn't examine it too much, but it looked flawless to me). I placed my two fingers again on either side of my temples and slowly pressed them in. As they began to deepen, my vision started to cross. I saw my two eyes getting closer together. At the moment they overlapped it became clear like overlapping images in the Magic Eye. I was now standing infront of a mirror, fingers about 2 joints deep inside my head, staring at a cyclops version of myself.

Then I heard some footsteps and it was Grandma coming down the stairs. I thought, oh no, not now. I'm in the middle of doing something. I tried to consentrate, but now my right fingers weren't in my head and only my left. She was behind me and went into the room with the Christmas tree. She was busy doing something in there and talking to me. I didn't listen to the words, and she rambled on the way she does in real life. I noted that the voice was flawless and the dream created a very realistic voice. Yet it's not a recording and the words are new. How do I make this?

I still had my fingers in one side of my head and I wanted her to ask what I was doing, so I could shock her and say, "nothing... just putting my hands in my head!" (I forget if I did or just wanted to do that).

She came over to me and I then thought about putting my hand through her head like Peter did once. I put my right fingers on her left temple and they slowly went in much easier with her head than it was with mine. I had my whole hand in there, just behind the face. I then thought about pulling my hand out through the face and as I got closer to it, the face disfigured and the nose and mouth were gone. Her right eye remained and her left one became a small hole with what looked like yellow mustard filling it. At one point I asked, how do you explaine this? And she basically said, explain what? She had no idea there was anything wrong. Then after the disfigurement I showed her her reflection and said, "What do you see?" Again, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. (I forget if the reflection was the same as what I saw, but I am pretty sure it was). I saw my fingers protruding out the other side.

I forget how, but I took my hand out. I bet I continued and pulled it out her face and it was back to normal again. I took my right fingers and pressed them into her right temple. They went in, and as I tried to get my hand in deeper the soft area there began to get wider as if the bones were dislocating. I got my hole hand in up to the wrist and was going to shove my entire arm in there. (I think grandma wasn't liking it). I must have been apprehensive because the dream ended suddenly.

That was a first for me! This dream had a lot going on. False awakening, false memories, reality checking, reading text, house mixing, dream body, mirrors, and interacting with a dream character.