First Lucid Dream!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First Lucid Dream!

Postby The Hill Man » 22 Jul 2014 08:25

Yo guys, just had my first ever lucid dream, wanted to share it and ask for future advice :D

So I was lying in bed after writing down my dream (at least I thought it was, but after checking my dream journal later this didn't actually happen), had just done the WBTB technique, hadn't WILDed but had chanted 'I will have a lucid dream' while trying to get to sleep. While 'lying in bed', I looked out my window and saw Heathrow Airport in the distance (you can't see it in real life, my window doesn't even face the right direction), and I saw a plane taking off.

The plane was odd, it went straight up, then the driver stopped the engine, let it fell, then started flying again once it's almost hit the ground, he did this like 4 times and I thought it was weird as fuck, but still didn't stop to think this coulda been a dream. Then, the plane came towards me, but it wasn't a plane any more, it was a man in spandex spreading his arms and flying (didn't think anything of it). This man hovered right outside my window, and it was FRANK YANG! (Frank Yang is a bodybuilder who makes videos on YouTube, and he's fucking CRAZY! He's like Chao from 'The Hangover', but in real life).

As Yang left, I tried calling his name, but he didn't hear. Then I realised it was kinda weird. I didn't actually think it was a dream, but I thought I might as well reality check anyway, just in case, so not expecting to succeed, I plugged my nose and tried to breathe.

And I breathed!

I contained my excitement, I'm good at that, even though getting over excited is how most people fail first time. I looked at my hands, and was satisfied to see they were blurry as fuck, so I rubbed them together to focus the dream, but forgot to tell myself i was dreaming as i did it, which now I remember is how to focus the dream in that way. I did my second reality check after spinning around to solidify the dream, which worked, by sticking my finger through my hand and believing it would happen, and it did, satisfyingly.

Then I left my room, felt myself losing grip on the dream sometimes so span around, and went to the biggest mirror in my house. I tried to step through the mirror - it didn't work, so I ran and jumped at it, believing I'd go through, so I did. I should've imagined something else on the other side of that mirror, but I just came out into an identical room, can't even remember if everything in the room was mirrored after that. Then went to the staircase, tried to jump off and fly, but woke up in the air.

It was a short dream, I was probably lucid for 1min, maybe less, but it was fucking awesome just seeing my reality checks work and jumping through that mirror. However, I hope to improve for next time. How do you recommended strengthening my grip on the dream? During that dream, i felt like i had a loose grip on the dream if that makes sense - I didn't feel like I had the confidence to control the dream itself too much, and kept feeling like I didn't have a great grip on it, and that i could wake up any second as I eventually did. Any advice for dream control in the future? Also, what should I try and do in my next dream that's a step up from what I did this time?

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Re: First Lucid Dream!

Postby Kman43759 » 22 Jul 2014 21:04

LOL!! I almosted died when I read about the man flying at you in spandex xD nice LD
Heres the answers to your questions
1. A good way to stabalize the dream and keep your grip is a) rub your hands together, focus on an object, or yell "clarity now!" And b) every once in a while keep reminding yourself that your dreaming
2. Ive heard that for better dream control, the key is to expect it to happen and visualize it happening
3. Try flying, or changing the dream scene... Thats pretty hard

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