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Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 02:54
So I researched lucid dreaming a few years ago, and had success with it for a while, but eventually stopped keeping a journal and kind of forgot about it. However lately, I still remember the techniques and have been trying to practice it again and keep a journal.

So I've had 2-3 dreams since then which I feel are kind of strange and not myself. They're semi-lucid, I remember certain parts of them, and being able to control it, but not every detail. Just wanted to see what you guys though about it. Here are some excerpts that I find disturbing (Note : I'm happily married, not crazy psycho killer/rapist)

" I went to the elevator but my car wasn't there, I started asking where my car
was, but nobody knew. I started searching for my car when I ran into 3-4 of the green creatures. I somehow got one of their arm bones (a femur?) which was long and sharp. I started stabbing it violently into one of their faces and they fell over dead. I started attacking the other ones doing the same thing, even though they were not coming near me, without even thinking, I was just a killing machine. After that I somehow found my car and drove to a house near my parents house and ended up in a hot tub with a skinny blonde, she was polite and naked, I picked her up out of the hot tub, despite her objections and made her straddle me, and after that, forcing myself onto her"

" I jumped/flew through the air, totally ignoring the steps and water moat that was around the building.I just kind of flew over the water and over the railing on the steps, I grabbed the girl and kissed her, she liked it, so I started to move it further and eventually we were having sex. There were people watching us, and I took notice of it and started yelling at them. There was a mob of people standing on the bridge of the moat. I got up and started fighting people, choking people, breaking peoples necks. Before I know it, everybody has vanished, there is nobody else around anymore."

Anybody else had dreams like this? I'm not a violent person, and when I woke up from these dreams I felt like I had done something wrong and I should be in jail. Should I practice more control techniques?

Re: Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 03:07
Even when lucid I can be very primal without much of my waking self identity and logical thought. "Semi-lucid" I guess you can say. Deep down we're all cavemen, and I've read that the Amygdala (our primitive brain) is highly active during dreams, so it's no surprise this happens from time to time including myself. I could find some examples in my dream journal but this is a family forum and you'll have to take my word for it. :twisted: :oops:

When awake, (and in MOST) of my dreams I'm the nicest guy in the world! :D

(So nothing to worry or be ashamed about)

Re: Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 05:30
Thanks for the reply, nice to know I'm not the only one who has some strange semi-lucid dreams :D My wife and I have been discussing this (LD) and I asked her not to read my journal, but she did, and she brought up the fact that I sound like a megalomaniac killer/rapist, after reading some of my entries. Most of my dreams are dossile, but occasionally I have a crazy one where I do things that isn't exactly society friendly lol. :ugeek: :twisted:

Re: Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 17:32
If you're in complete control of a dream who wouldn't get a god-complex on occasion?
I'm sure everyone has done questionable things, but just don't admit it.
Others are very proud of their killing sprees in dreams, treating it like a video game without concern for others which is by definition psychopathic!

But it's all an illusion and dreams are a lot like a game, and any kid who plays Grand Theft Auto is not a psychopath when they put the controller down.

In your introduction you said you also feel anger and rage. That's a little different, but still perfectly normal if it only happens on occasion. You never mentioned it, but I will guess, since it wasn't a fully vivid lucid dream and only semi-lucid, that the dream characters were not quite fully aware and sentient, but just hollow, zombie like personalities. When they are on the other end of the spectrum and speak to me, and seem to have a mind of their own, then it's a completely different story, and if I tried to hurt them, or force myself upon them, I would feel guilt and that's where I draw the line. They have so much character I can't help, but feel empathy even though I know it's an illusion it's a very strong one. (Unless they start the fight, and I get some antagonistic dream characters sometimes that I fight, but it's self-defense).

I don't feel empathy for the other kinds of DC's with no personality or a presence or sense of being in them because there's nothing there to feel. No need to feel guilt. It was just a vivid game.

Re: Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 31 Aug 2014 11:30
by taniaaust1
Its your subconciousness expressing itself. It sounds like you are suffering from some anger in real life (it may be suppressed).. that then can come out in dreams like this.

If my partner was having dreams like this, I'd be wanting to know what innerly was going on with him. Where the issue is? From your dream symbols (getting angry cause people are watching you have sex), makes me think that someone/s is intruding into your personal space which is making you angry on some level.

Re: Sexual/Violent/Weird dreams...

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 00:15
by Nickfan40
I've had sex dreams, but sometimes I couldn't relax enough to have orgasms, and when I did, I was surprised. I was probably afraid that people were watching me, but just recently, after my dad died, I figured out why. He never loved me as much as he did my older sister and have been emotionally and psychologically abused by men in my past.

In some dreams, I am "raping" the men, probably taking out my frustrations on them, sort of a gender reversal. In one, it was a castration dream:

I am running down the street, but can't very fast because I am carrying a heavy bookbag. There is a crack in the sidewalk that I don't see and I trip and fall. All the things in the bag spill all over the street: a gun, a knife, a severed finger (phallic?). I look around to see if anyone has seen it, but they haven't. I pick everything up and went on my way. Some of my teachers in school were men, but there was one particular one that did not like me very much and bullied me in front of the other kids when I didn't get my homework done. I guess I wanted to kill him in this one.