"Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby LucidityMaster » 10 Sep 2014 08:11

I think it's great that you are open to sharing your sexual dreams.

Not many people are comfortable doing that on a public forum (because of ridiculous negative views of sex)

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Nickfan40 » 04 Feb 2015 18:17

I haven't had any really clear dreams about anyone, especially him, for awhile. I admit I *do* get horny when I see Herbert Lom without a shirt on.

Just the other day, I was watching a Pink Panther tribute to him on YouTube. Dreyfus had just stabbed himself in the chest with a letter opener, and they had to take his shirt off to tend to him.

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Je-Je » 04 Feb 2015 18:48

LucidityMaster wrote:Not many people are comfortable doing that on a public forum (because of ridiculous negative views of sex)

Yeah totally agree with you LucidityMaster. Sex is something natural.
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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Summerlander » 04 Feb 2015 19:27

Did Herbert Lom wear a dom? :mrgreen:

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby astrovineyard » 05 Feb 2015 03:53

Until you spelled it out for me I couldn't tell if I was reading something a from a male or female (because of the name). I was thinking maybe this was a wet dream or something.

Other than one or two of those from my teens which share many characteristics with lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis, mine have been NOT lucid. I think lucidity would break the reality of it and end it before it finishes. Same goes for other erotic dreams that aren't emissions. They are almost as rare, and somehow more explicit, but would not make very good stories or movies. They are essentially like "15 seconds of sex" cut randomly into the middle of a dream/movie/plot, that come out of nowhere and then become something else with no logic to it. The wet dreams are more about sensations I am experiencing, and imagining something happening from what I am feeling, rather than anything concrete or visual, or any plot or activity. Even the people in them are blurry and their faces out of focus or not shown. I don't know what that is...

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby HAGART » 05 Feb 2015 14:56

When awake we get aroused by our senses, and being male, I'm aroused by my sense of sight mostly. Light hits the prism of my mind, my brain sorts out all the details, and decides it's arousing.

In a dream, however, it's reversed. The brain just suddenly gets aroused sometimes out of nowhere, and the visuals and sensations come afterward to make sense of the feelings. Like a projection from the mind prism.

(That sounded pretty deep...)

But when lucid in a dream the 'WILD party' is different. It's actually a combination of the 2. The same goes for all aspects of a lucid dream when you think about it. And I could say the exact same thing about the arousal of fear, comparing it to a waking reaction to the dream reaction. Who would have thought that thinking about sex would arouse such deep thoughts in me. ;)
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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Nickfan40 » 06 Feb 2015 17:46

I have had love/lust feelings for this man ever since I had my first dream about him on August 13, 1996. I'll put that one on here someday, even though it's not as graphic as the last one. I would be extremely shallow if I loved him just for his looks; there is more to him than that. He's (I should say, *was*, he died in 2012!) intelligent, too. That ranks high on my list of what I look for in a man. He's actually written books. One is about Dr. Guillotine.

I'm just glad I didn't go back in time astrally and do this, or I'd be facing a rape charge. On some of the websites I've read about this subject, they warn you not to try to have sex with someone while you're doing that, or it be considered rape. I guess it was just an LD, not an OBE or astral traveling.

He's not the *only* one I've had graphically erotic dreams about. I've had them about Rowan Atkinson (another brainy guy!) as Mr. Bean and Deforest Kelley (so sweet, he'll give you cavities) as Dr. McCoy. I've tried to post them here, but they got taken down because they were too graphic. Some of my more "normal" or "tame" dreams are on here, though. One is called, A Healing Dream, the other is called, Sex, but not really sex, dreams.

There should be a section on this site for the more graphic dreams that you can't enter unless you're 18 or over. The X/NC-17 section: Enter if You Dare!

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Nickfan40 » 06 Feb 2015 18:00

I felt very strange at first having those dreams about all three of them. I was tempted to write them letters, telling them about it, but was afraid that I'd be arrested for harassment. I actually *did* write to Deforest Kelley about it, but they got sent back. I thought I had used the wrong address, but found out after he died that he was not accepting letters at the time due to the fact that he was very sick; he died of stomach cancer in June of 1999. I did write a letter to Rowan Atkinson, but it was in 1997, long before I had those dreams. I never did find Herbert Lom's address.

Another dream I felt strange about having was the one called, Sex with a beautiful actress, because I was having sex with a woman, but had morphed into a man in the dream.

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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby xboxspider » 07 Feb 2015 06:53

taniaaust1 wrote:
Nickfan40 wrote:"Aunt Flo" referred to my period.

"Turn around" I say to my friends. They turn around and see a beautiful sandy beach. They were stunned.
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Re: "Pseudo-sex" with "Professor Petrie"

Postby Nickfan40 » 09 Feb 2015 17:49

Just finished my other Herbert Lom dream.

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