sex with a beautiful actress

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sex with a beautiful actress

Postby Nickfan40 » 08 Sep 2014 20:06

I was walking down the street with a beautiful actress with long, dark hair, cute figure, and clear, flawless skin. She is Jill Schoelen, known for her roles in the Phantom of the opera with Robert Englund, and The Stepfather.

We are Christine Day and Meg Giry, but I look like myself. It is just after she has killed Erik Foster, and got away with it. It is a bright, sunny day, but I don't know where we are. We are on our way to a free concert in the park.

We pass a big store. When I look into the glass window, I am no longer Meg, but a man. I feel very differently toward my friend now and think I'd like to have sex with her. She takes my arm and we walk away together.

We get to the park. I stand behind her for awhile and put my arms around her. In the middle of the concert, I get as horny as hell, and she knows it: she can feel my "erection" against her cute little butt. What an incredible feeling! She tries to squirm away from me, saying, "You're naughty!" and "No, not here!" and laughs. I start to unbutton her white blouse, unhook her bra, and stroke her breasts. Strangely, no one seems to notice us.

"Let's get out of here!" I growl in her ear.
"Right behind you!" she says

The concert has ended by that time. It is dark outside. Even in the dark, I recognize the street as the one I live on, but the street lights are on.

We go up to my room, but something happens that we have lost our clothes, and we are naked. Plus, I have turned back into myself, which disappoints me because I loved being a man! "Jill" doesn't seem to mind, though and comes up to kiss me.

We end up making love. I go slowly and gently with her, knowing what she had been through with that b****** Erik. She seems to appreciate it and I can hear her moan as I thrust against her. This is an incredible feeling, too, feeling skin against skin, and orgasms. I wake up, feeling proud that I was able to help someone.

I was watching Phantom of the Opera with Robert Englund that night and a "Sex Education" video by Lonnie Barbach called, What Women Love. In it, a couple stand on an observatory overlooking the Hollywood sign, and he makes love to her from behind. She tells him it's naughty.

I don't know why I have dreams about having sex with women; I'm not a lesbian. I was using my NovaDreamer, and combined recordings when I had that one.

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