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The Snow Tiger - Short Lucid Dream

Posted: 03 Nov 2014 03:28
by dreamstudent
The following is my exact journal Entrée of a lucid dream I had about a month ago:

Dear dream diaries,
Perhaps, the most lucid dream I have ever encountered happened tonight. I realize I am a girl on a University campus of the sorority dorms (in real life I'm a boy and lived in the fraternity dorms but I have been inside the sorority dorms). I recognize that I am on the floor with these dorms and it seems strange. I think, "Im so happy I'm only paying $2000 for tuition." At that moment I became lucid (because I transferred from my university last year to a community college and I was at my university dorm so that how I knew). I begin speaking with the dream character version of my Hall Director 'Yao'. I ask her, "Can you change my room please I am a boy", I kissed her on the cheek and continued to the third floor where I knew all my stuff would be in because I was lucid so by asking her I knew it was fact now that my room was changed. As I walked into the room I ran directly to my book case and went to my folders. As I look at my math notes I try to see how accurate the notes are compared to real life. It was weird because when I opened it and looked at the notes they were blurred at first then focused and were organized like a camera lense focusing on something. This is where it gets more exciting, I think what to do next and immediately notice the window in the room. I run full speed at the window and jump through diving head first rapidly gaining speed downward I notice I it seems I jumped out of at least a 50 story building. I can feel the wind running through my hair and past my body. Its snowing below the building I jumped out of is a field similar looking to a football field without a stadium or paint on the grass. A GIANT TIGER rests in the center of the field. I am about to reach the ground and since I am diving head first I rotate quickly so that I land perfectly on both feet and use one hand also as a support ( Like how iron man or superman would land after a long air-dive). The tiger glances at me, I glance back, he begins to charge, I run right at him we clash together, I fall down. I get back up run again and we clash and I get hit down again. The third time I get back up I begin to chase him and he starts running away the more and more I chase him the smaller and smaller he gets eventually looking like a super skinny cub-like-tiger; I begin to take off my winter coat as it is restraining my ability to move so I have more agility... and then I wake up. :cry: (sad it ended there I know..)

Let me know what you guys think!?

Analysis: I was not scared of jumping out of the window because in a previous lucid dream I was flying and I began to fall out of the sky and headed toward the ground and thinking okay I'm about to wake up because I knew that if you are about to hit the ground you usually wake up. Except in that LD I did not wake up and it was truly strange feeling the pressure of the impact and not waking up. Since then I do not fear hitting the ground from high heights nor do I fear not landing a dive, jump, or fly-landing correctly. I ran at the tiger only because in my mind I knew it was a dream and knew there was nothing to fear. (In real life I am not a fearless person I have fears just like everyone else, in this LD, however, it would seem that I am not a fearful person. Id be happy to hear your thoughts.

Re: The Snow Tiger - Short Lucid Dream

Posted: 03 Nov 2014 05:17
by Old Traveler
Cool dream. I especially like the Tiger.
Old Traveler

Re: The Snow Tiger - Short Lucid Dream

Posted: 14 Apr 2015 06:15
by taniaaust1
Cool dream.

I faced a huge lion in one of my LDs, when I first saw it my automatic human response was to start running but then I was like "what the heck are I doing, this is a dream" so I turned to face it.

It's interesting that your tiger shrink from something usually scary cause you chased it.

Re: The Snow Tiger - Short Lucid Dream

Posted: 15 Apr 2015 02:38
by dreamstudent
Yeah thats exactly what i relized after waking up, i chased it a potential fear and it shrunk into a tiny little cub tiger lol