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Theater, Dr.T

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 16:29
by Nickfan40
I had this one on September 20, 2014. I was using a Cd that helps people time travel quantumly. I will tell you the name of it later:

I was in a big theater. I am with a choir group and we are going to sing in a revival of The Phantom of the Opera with Charles Dance and Teri Polo. I see Teri, but not hide nor hair of "Charlie". She is wearing the pink silk dress she wore in the movie. Then I realize that I have travelled back in time; she does not look any older than she did in 1990.

I am walking down a hallway with a tall, lanky, nerdy-looking guy with glasses. We put our arms around each other as we walk down the hall (I can feel his arms around me). We see a door open and close at the end of the hall and we walk through it.

There are a lot of people in the room. We sit in chairs side by side. Suddenly, he leans over to kiss me, I can feel the wetness of his mouth. At first, I'm shocked. One, because I sometimes don't feel anything in a dream, and two, we are out in public. Then I realize I am dreaming and kiss him back, kissing his face all over, and hugging him.

It is much later. I walk all over the theater, trying to find him. I see him sitting across the room, between two girls. There is no room for me to sit on the benches, so I sit on the floor. One of the girls said, "Well isn't this a fine way to treat someone you are about to marry!" I think, "Wh-a-a-a-t?!" They leave. I sit beside him and we watch what is going on onstage. There is a beautiful painting of an archway made of many stones and covered in flowers. We see a couple getting married, but it looks like we are seeing it from up above. I think, "It's probably not Erik's parents getting married!"

The scene has changed from a theater to a teen hangout a few blocks from my house. The boy is not there anymore, but the man who has been harassing my mother ever since my dad died. In real life, I try to keep as far away as I can from him, but here, I am trapped. He wants my mother to go out with him.

He talks to me on and on about his diabetes and other problems. The asks if I know David Harding. I say yes, that he's my brother-in-law. The man disappears and I walk on.

Soon, I hear noises, like moaning. The scenery has changed and it looks like something out of the movie, "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T."

Dr. T and Mrs. Collins get married after the grand opening of The Terwilliker Institute. They are making love in a giant bed. Even though they are cover by bedclothes, both look really good naked and Dr.T seems to know what he's doing. Suddenly, Mrs. T cries out in pain. Dr. T: Oh, I'm sorry, Darling. Did I hurt you? Mrs. Collins: Only a little. Dr. T: Well try to push up into me. Then it won't hurt. I know it's been a long time for you." The strangest thing is, even though I am watching from the doorway, his voice sounds close to my ear!

She should be frightened, except for one thing: Mr. Zabladowski, the plumber, and Bart have concocted a potion that smells like chocolate and put it into the air vents, altering the personality of the bad people who smell it, turning Dr.T into a nice guy! At least he didn't tell her, "Not bad, but not good. Not fast enough!"

I had been watching The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T before going to bed that night. I thought they had made the potion to turn Dr. T nice! Be careful what you watch on TV or fantasize about when listening to this CD!
Hmmmm! I think it's time to hear from Herbert Lom again *LOL* You can be sure that I will be telling you all the juicy details!

Re: Theater, Dr.T

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 16:35
by Nickfan40
The Cd that I was listening to was BMV Quantum Subliminal CD Time Travel Aid Ultrasonic subliminal series. It is much safer than binaural beats because it is monaural and uses brainwaves and subliminals.
I found it on Amazon fro $14.99.

Even if I don't get to time travel, I'll get some interesting dreams out of it! I wouldn't even mind having sex with Charles Dreyfus from the Pink Panther movies. I always thought he was cute in everything I saw him in. I haven't seen all his movies yet.