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Posted: 16 Nov 2014 04:02
Some have asked me why my name is HAGART on this forum, and I tell them it's from a dream I had. I shared a small piece of it when I first joined this forum back in Jan. 5, 2012. I was reading the full journal earlier today and was amazed by how much detail there was that I had forgotten. So this is the complete dream, copy pasted from my journal. I only corrected spelling and added extra information when needed. It's long and probably boring, but I wanted to just share the whole thing, unedited, even if the names and places make no sense to you, here it is for the record.

Reviewing it again after all these years has been quite insightful to me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012 (I speak with my subconscious)

I wake up in a bed and think about going back to sleep. (Just prior in real life, I woke up and considered whether I should go straight back or do a simple task before going back to bed. I always find if I get up and get water from the kitchen or splash water in my face before returning to sleep, I become lucid. I had water near the bed, so I didn't leave, but as I drifted off to sleep I did several math calculations in my head.) So I think this dream started pretty soon after falling asleep. Mom is there and she wants me to setup a picture program on the computer, so she can print or edit photos or something. I wanted to stay in bed and sleep through the night, but I am awake now. Apparently, I went to bed early and now it is late night, and I am awake. Mom leaves to the kitchen, and I go to the computer and I see it is installing Command and Conquer. I wonder why since the computer already has it. (Not in real life). I figure there must have been a power failure or something. I cancel it and decide to investigate later. There are many odd symbols on the screen. Each is in a square box and they consist of lines and circles, or perhaps orbs. Like the Spathi from Star Control. As I hover the mouse over each it tells me what it is. One read, "science". If fact about 4 of them did. Others were other categories like that, and I thought how good it would have been to have something like this when I was young in school. On the left side there was one that read like, 'rendition' or something. I figured that might be it. I think I open one program that isn't quite right and I close it and open another. The 2nd one plays weird music like that you tube video of the 'dog with no head'. The background is purple and psychadelic, on the left bar there are images of prehistoric trees, volcanoes and dinosaurs. Apparently the program is for making Prehistoric scenes, for kids to use. I click at the top 'apple' to try and change the settings and turn off the music, but I can't, so I close it.

I am with Andrew and David (my brothers) and it is in Nana's basement. Andrew is sliding a long, yellow board and playing, fidgeting with it as we talk. The board was like a skateboard but about a meter long. Andrew said Adin (my cousin) is a lot like him. Implying that they exercise and ride bikes around the city. Apparently, Adin visited Andrew recently in Switzerland and I got the impression they probably went skiing and stuff. I think the board was Adin's. Andrew said Adin likes to use the word, "coned!" Like, "you just got coned!" I imagine you say that when you fall of a skateboard and I imagined orange road cones. I ask, he says it cause he is a snowboarder or skater? Then he says Adin likes to say, "Blubby" a lot too. I joke and say, any specific time or just randomly? Nobody laughed so I said it again. Still no laugh. Andrew was bouncing a ball against the wall as I told the joke (not vividly but I got the impression).

Then there was an issue about the sleeping arrangements. Where were we all going to sleep? Steven (my oldest brother) wanted his own room with a door for privacy. I think he had a magazine in his hand, and I thought that doesn't necessarily mean he is going to masterbate the way it looks! I go to the room where the folding doors use to be and there is a small room to the right, several beds in the room and another room to the left. Steven said there was no problem anymore, he was going to take the room to the left. The room to the right was Nana's, and I counted 5 of us all together and there were 3 beds in the room with the sliding doors. I thought we could even close the doors and have privacy too.

I see Nana sitting in a chair in front of where the t.v. use to be in the basement. Judy (my aunt) is helping her with the remote. As I ascend the stairs I hear Nana say, press the black button, wait no, press the green one. Near the top of the stairs the ceiling is very low and I had to squeeze through. I wondered how Nana ever does it. Then a dog follows through and I say, watch out for Tina or here comes Tina (that was my Nana's dog back in the 80's). She was scruffy like Sandy though (Aunt Judy's dog). I turn right and the room is large with several large round tables set up. We were going to have dinner. I see Grandad and become confused. I didn't know he was still alive. I sit at a table and David is to my left. I tell him that in my reality Grandad is dead. He and mom are skeptical. I start to wonder if I am dreaming, but it feels so real. I try to use telekinetic powers, but they don't work. I look at my left hand and count the fingers. I count 5. I look at my right hand and there are 5 as well, however, my pinky is contorted and bent back on itself. I realise my hand shouldn't look that way, but for a moment I wonder if I had hurt it the day before. I stand up and announce that this could be a dream. It was awkward, but I say it anyway. Then I was able to make some cutlery fly off the table and I knew for sure it was a dream and was now LUCID. I felt bad that I wasn't going to enjoy the party, but told everybody that I was going to leave and have a lucid dream now.

I go to the window and look out. We are several stories up so I decide to stay in the room. Everybody is gone now from the room and I am alone. I ask for clarity and see some birds against a blue sky out the window behind me. Nothing happens. I decide to conjure a 'spirit guide'. I call out for it and wait. I almost see a dark face manifest itself below in the floor, but then it doesn't. It felt scary and I wondered if I even want something to appear, it could be evil or scary. Then I start to see a flash of blue appearing before my eyes, like it is flourescent and emitting light. Or rather like a blue after image on the retinas. It starts to become a belt and I sense it belongs to a sexy woman. But then it fades. I sit in a chair and wait. I see a slight reflection of myself on the wall in front of me, but the face is hidden. I dart my eyes around to stay lucid. Then finally, to my left in the corner of the room I sense something and I see it.

I was a large, yellow bag of candy. It was about my size. I read the label and it read, "Lemon Citron". There was a picture of 2 of the candies on it. They were oblong and rounded like a tic-tac, but bigger, with a different colored center running through it. I forget how the conversation began. I think I asked, do you talk? And it said yes, in a female voice kinda British and pleasant. I got the impression that it was waiting for me to start talking and ask a question, it wasn't going to speak freely. I forget, if I did at all, what question I asked, I think I just told it to start talking as if it should know the things I want to know. I'm not sure of the wording, but she said, people amuse themselves by putting you down. And, we all make decisions and think for entertainment. I asked about my death and when it would happen, and she replied, this nonsense will go on for a while yet, I guarantee it is a long process. I ask, "you mean my life is longer than I think?" As I spoke with it, it changed forms. At one time it was like a sleeping bag and I put my hear close to the opening to hear better. Then it was unzipped into blanket style and I asked if she wanted to be zipped back up and she said yes, so I did. I asked her her name, and she replied, "Penelopy". Then she said, you can call me, "Hagart". I wrote it down and asked if it is spelled H-A-G-A-R-T and she said yes. She said Hagart was Australian (or some country) for 'fruit'. I looked at the contents inside her. There were no candies but colorful socks, brand new in their packages. One pair was green and they all came in 3 pairs to a bundle but his one had 2, the other pair fell out. Each sock was multi-colored, but each had a dominant color. I feel like this is my subconscious and I root around more. I find a pair of bathing suit shorts. I start to feel like everything in it is practical just like me. It's both bathing suit and shorts, why where anything else? (with built in underwear). (The most practical garment that can be worn anywhere). I see some regular boxer shorts too, brand new and rolled up. I find a scarf with built in head phone speakers. (also very practical and multi-functional). I start to hear voices from the real world and fear I will wake up. (or so I thought...) I was writing down the responses in my dream as I was talking, now I am at a table and trying to jot down what I saw in the bag. I use a pen but the ink doesn't flow. I try to write head phones or ear phones and the pen doesn't kick in until the 'P', but I could read the indentations. I hear Ruby, Rachel, Nancy, mom, Shawn and Sharon (family members). I refuse to wake up until I write it all down. I feel like they took my sheets off and see I am wearing no pants, but I don't care. They are very loud and I am surprised I can last in the dream so long with all the distraction. Then I wake up. And I am in the house alone. It was about 5:00 am. I thought about how it wasn't really a spirit guide but like talking to my subconscious.

------------ I GO BACK TO SLEEP AND HAVE ANOTHER DREAM -----------

I wake up and fumble with a small device to see the time. It's like a timer thing. I think it is still late at night since I went to bed early and should go back to sleep, but the time was 11:00 am. There is someone else in the room and it feels like I'm not home, but I am visiting. I look out the window and it is sunny. We are a few stories up and there are many people in a park or square outside. It is a festival with many little rides and games, like HKIS World's Fair and Halloween fair. (At Hong Kong International School, were I grew up) There is someone else in the room who I am visiting it feels like, and I say, kids get up and go with so much energy in the morning. I start to remember how excited I would have been when I was a kid and I notice the people accepting tickets for the rides are older, but still younger than me. I remember when I was a kid I looked up to those 'older people'. I see a bouncy thing in the distance. When a kid jumps from a platform and lands on it the others fly up in the air. I think how high they would go if I jumped on it, and how I would never be able to fly high whenever one of them jumped. I feel the festive vibe in the air, and it feels like it has a life of its own. Like it's contagious. At home, people are not as excited as when they all group together like this. Like this area is the designated 'happy zone' of the city. One would feel happy just by being there.

I notice a long, thick hair coming out of a mole on the right side of my pelvis. Then I see a REALLY thick one just below and realize it is many hairs clumped together like a wet paint brush and about 6 inches long. On my right hip there is another, thicker and longer and the end where it meets the skin, the skin flaps out an inch or so. It looks gross and I start to feel like I should have them removed by a doctor. I look behind and I see one that goes way down to almost my feet and it is braided. I wonder how it could grow out and be braided already. I am now covered like a Hawaiian skirt made of hair. The other guy in the room is like Ben (childhood friend from school) now and I tell him, I think I am turning into a demon. I forget what he said, but it was something like, it is all in your head. I sit down and am wearing pants, and I say, yea, now I don't feel it at all. I may have said something like, maybe it's because I am a lucid dreamer. Either way the conversation went on to lucid dreaming.

I asked him, now he is like a mix of Matt, Tony, and Anand and Ben. (All friends I've had). I ask him if he knows what a lucid dream is. He says no. I say it is when you are in a dream but fully aware of it. Then I say, like Inception, and it clicks for him. Ah, he says. I say, it's fun and you can pretty much do anything, but I don't want to make him jealous. I say last night I conjured a 'spirit guide'. He asked, and it just appears? I said no, it doesn't work that way. You have to call out for it and usually it doesn't appear, and you have to wait to feel its presence and then turn and see it. He said, ah, since you aren't actually using your eyes in a lucid dream, it makes sense that you can just sense it. Eyes are not as important as real life. We are near a counter now like a convenience store, but about 10 feet tall. I lost track of my point, but then remember and say, the spirit guide was a large bag of candy. He wasn't too interested anymore. We were now looking for something to eat for breakfast. (There must have been a scene change) There was a guy who owns the counter, but the guy who was more like Tony/Anand now got in and was heading the cashier. I see some egg rolls that are greasy and would fill me up and I say I'll have one of those. He doesn't hear me. I see some eggs in cartons and figure they must make fresh food here too, maybe I'll have an egg. I head to the beginning of the counter again and I don't think I got service there, so I decided to go back to the room and make some eggs there instead. It'll be cheap and just as fast. It feels like I am returning to an apartment but not mine, possibly Garden Terrace where I was staying with a friend. But I figure I will just use the kitchen anyway. As I head back, the restaurant/cafeteria I was in is now crowded (I don't remember passing through it before when I entered, but it felt like I did). I figure the breakfast rush crowd must have arrived. I zig and zag through tables and at the last one, I had a pitcher of water in my hand and I had to duck and as I did I poured water into a glass so not to make a mess. (Like I almost spilled it, but poured in into a glass at one of the tables). I saw a single egg yolk on a piece of toast that was cookie cut the size of the yolk. I wondered what the restaurant did with the whites. I hear Jim (my uncle) and others at a table and continue walking down a hall. The hall feels like the Aberdeen Marina Club.

I start to question things and then wonder if this is a dream. I couldn't believe it, how I was duped. I checked my hands and forget what was wrong but it convinced me I was dreaming and became LUCID. I knew the dream had dragged on a bit, and I may not have much lucidity left. I decide not to return to the apartment to make and egg, I don't even know if I would ever reach it. I see a window, that is only translucent. I break the glass with my fist, but it leaves shards at the edges. (I didn't want to go through for fear that I would cut myself). I freeze them and then shatter them and they disappear, leaving a smooth edge. Behind the glass is a tube or a small narrow duct leading straight down about 20-30 feet. I look down and see a dead woman floating in water, wearing a red bikini. I jump down and when I touch her she comes to life again. I consider messing around with her, but then remember about Hagart. I call out for Hagart by name. I am outside now, there is water, a shallow pool, and a ledge walking path that goes around, that steps up sometimes and down. I sense Hagart and see it in the corner on the ledge. There are tall walls all around. I say hello, and it says hello. I remark that it now has a male voice and he says, yes. His voice had strange inflections and pitches with each word or syllable. I go to it and it is a large white bag, used for outdoor gardening. Perhaps it held potting soil or something. He says, before I even get a chance to talk, he says he hopes I like his taste in music this time. As though last time he/she said it too. I'm not sure what he meant, but then I say lets open you and see. There is a flap that I open and I look inside. There is a roll of paper towel, a used up paper towel cardboard tube, and the green blanket from the t.v. room. I didn't notice till now, after I woke up, but it is the one I rested pillows and my head on when I went to sleep. There was one more thing, but I forget, could have been a pillow. He asked me how I would like to be in there and be him. I say, aren't we both the same? He being subconscious and me conscious. I ask if me going inside and becoming him, is that what happens when we die? He said no. He said he was complicated, or at least more complicated than me (conscious self). I said yea I guess I'm quite simple. Then he says no, you probably ARE more complicated than me. (He completely changed his opinion) I asked him if he was happy. He said no. He morphed into a small wheel like one on a wheelbarrow now. I asked what would make you happy? He said a thick wallet, good skin and ..... I didn't get the last one and I ask him what the last one was again. He was now a rusty gear, like from a bicycle and the center hole that stuck out a little was tubular and moved like a mouth. He said, in a peculiar voice, (Who I now know is Emo Philips), Sasquatch! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I wasn't getting anywhere anymore and things were morphing too much and I lost my sense of place, so I woke up.

Re: HAGART DREAM: Full Story (Part 2)

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 04:59
After joining this site, I was encouraged to meet 'HAGART' again, and see if they are the same or not. I forgot how epic this dream was and I like revisiting it in it's entirety so it has context.

Thursday, January, 12, 2012

I was in a house, and apparently it was Brian and Judy's house. (Aunt and uncle) Mom and David were in a room with me, there was clutter all around. Mom said I was a democrat. And I got the impression that she also hinted or said that Brian was one too because of all the clutter. Republicans like to keep an orderly house. I ask David how I am a democrat. He said, because I like to party.

Outside it was dark and I look down and I am twenty feet up or so. I see what looks like a cat, but it is dark. Then I notice it is a small dog. Then the dog chases a cat. The cat ran so fast I was amazed and told everyone, did you see that cat go? Then Mark (my cousin, and Brian and Judy's son) is below and jumps up and hangs onto what is now a giant version of 'the round table' (we have a big round table in real life) and I am standing on it. It is not secured and it begins to tilt. I have no choice but to fall, and jump off. I land on the ground and am surprised I don't feel any pain. Mark or somebody said, good jump, that was amazing. I walk around the ledge where the ground rises so I can climb up. I have to jump over a wall about waist-high. I put my hands on it and leaped over, both my legs to the right and clear it. There are more family there like Brent ect. They are at a picnic table and eating. I put my hand on the picnic table and lift my legs off, but don't jump up. I say it is a good exercise. I think Judy was there and agreed. Then I thought I was dreaming. I looked at my hands. They were normal. I turn around and try to lift a plastic plate with my mind. It lifts. To make sure it wasn't just the wind I did it again. I was sure now and LUCID. I decide to summon Hagart.

I sit at the picnic table, the table part is behind me. I look around and call out for Hagart. I see what appears to be two moons in the day sky. They are whitish the way a moon would appear, but both showed the continents of the earth, one was one side, the other the other side of Earth. One was North America. Then in the distance, on the horizon, I see a large door, I think it was blue. I walk over to it and there is a guy, middle aged man, Caucasian. I ask, is Hagart in there? He nodded and walked away. The door had a large, black cartoon key hole in it. Round at top, with the base of a triangle at the bottom. Was a large door, and felt more like a vault door. I was hesitant to open it.

I open it and enter. There is a middle aged Asian man, slightly chubby, not fit, average. He had a black hat in his hands over his chest and he said, Hi, Michael. I felt relieved that he was polite and felt this was going to be a good experience. He put his hat up on the wall and we rounded a corner. As we rounded it, I asked, "What is your name?" He said, "That is Adam." He was referring to a guy (Caucasian) sitting in an office cubical doing some work. The room was now like an office, and there were about 6 cubicals or so, 3 on each side. The room was just big enough to hold the 6. The Asian guy sits in the cubical to the left of Adam, the middle one. He is behind a counter and I am on the other side. I ask again, "No. What is YOUR name?" I'm not sure, but I think he may have said, I am Adam too. I start to think of how to word it. And thinking about wording things, was starting to make me uneasy, and tremble. I gripped what felt like the counter top however it was vertical. It snapped in my hand and I couldn't control my strength. It felt like whatever I picked up would be squeezed too tight and shatter. I looked and it was just a cardboard box like the one that photopaper comes in. I didn't have to apologize. ( I realize now, there is no need to word things correctly in your head. There is no need to speak in words at all really.) I said, well it's just because, well, you always change form, so I was wondering if your name has changed. It was a really long sentence for me, I usually talk really fast and concise in a lucid dream. He didn't answer, or if he did say something, it wasn't a name. Then he asked me for my license or social security number or something about my ID. I felt the outside of my pockets and had no wallet. I said, I don't have any. He wasn't too pleased about my answer. I felt like I was going to be detained. I mentally lifted all the scissors from the cubicals. (Telekinesis) There were a hundred or so, all different colors. I then hurl them at a guy. It wasn't 'hagart'. The guy was in a cubical behind Adam. I think he shielded himself or something. I tried again, I think on someone else, but it didn't work. It was like they knew I was lucid dreaming and my powers had no effect on them. Then a security guard showed up as I was backing down the hall I had entered through earlier. He was lanky, but very tall. I knew I was going to have to fight him and probably wouldn't win. He approached, I punched his stomach which was at about my head level, but it did nothing. He beat me up. I felt no pain, but just watched. It was very disorientating, and I think I saw someone else there who was watching the fight and getting excited. Then it went black.

It was pitch black, and I could feel my eyes rolled upward in my head. I hear a ringing noise in my ears that starts quiet, but gets louder. I see a light, not pure white, but yellowish or golden. It was vague and out of focus, but got closer. It felt like I was viewing it through 'dream eyelids'. Then the light took shape, (all the time the ringing continued). He looked like I was looking at my eyes in the mirror. Just black and golden colored. In fact I think I only saw one eye. It was moving around rapidly. I thought that it may have been doing that in real life, hence REM. Then I see both eyes staring back at me, as though my eyelids were mirrors. They were no longer moving rapidly, and they were calm, not bug eyed. I could see my whole face now, still black and gold, and my hand was gripping my temples, my thumb on my right one, and my middle two fingers on the other. I don't know how it didn't obscure my face, but that's how it felt. It was a fake hand, but I felt it was my true sleeping position in real life. It felt like it helped me concentrate. I hear a banging at my door as if someone desperately wants to get in. I feel like part of me was laying in bed and another was looking behind at the door. Then I started to breath heavily out my nose, and every breath I breathed out, I could feel on the back of my neck. It was slightly warm. That happened 3-5 times and then it started to feel like a stream of cold water was being poured on the back of my neck. I was amazed that it didn't wake me up, a sensation like that should. I see some artwork nearby and I get up to see it. Then I realize I am in a room and I can move freely. I am LUCID again. Perhaps the cold water DID wake me up in a way.

It feels like a bath house of some sort. The ground is smooth, not carpet, because I feel like it gets wet often. The artwork was leaning against a wall. It felt like a public shower area. There was a guy there. I think he was wearing a towel perhaps, but he had a bunch of tattoos all over his body. I didn't look at his face or ask his name; I should have. He leaves and I follow. I see 2 statues, Asian style like wise men wearing a samurai jack hat. (Even now I have no idea what I meant... oh wait, I remember. Like in the show, "Samurai Jack". The hat he wears). They look familiar as if they were from the other dream, but I don't remember. I feel like I am in an elementary school now. The walls and things are painted in vibrant child-friendly colors. I hear screams like people are being tortured and I feel like it is coming from some of the rooms. I could turn right and go see, but I don't. (I had the choice to go down that 'dark corridor', but I chickened out) The guy is now clothed, but I still didn't get a good look. He said, your will can influence this place. I feel like he meant, that I pretty much have to go with the flow and only alter it slightly. I can't change everything; just influence it. Give it a nudge to happen. I also felt like he meant I can choose whether it is good or bad depending on how I feel. My feelings will influence it as well.

I go outside and it is sunny. There is a blue sky, and I want to think happy thoughts so I summon a rainbow. I look up and see it. It feels sorta like a small parking lot, and there is a hill at the edge, just high enough to obscure what is behind. The crest is at the horizon. I think about what I want, and decide to make it an amusement park or carnival like The X. (It's a Toronto thing, short for The Exhibition, an annual event with rides and stuff like a carnival and a pleasant atmosphere). I see some rides start to rise up over the hill. They were not like any rides I have seen, kinda Dr. Suessish. But the impression of rides. I walk over the hill and I see a guy and a girl with some yellow fencing around. They have a remote controlled car I could use. But I pass them and think about how much work it is going to be to type out this long dream. I see the rides and start to feel the atmosphere of an amusement park, but it is still kinda far. I try to teleport several times by closing my eyes and then willing myself to be there and then opening them again. It doesn't work, and in fear of opening them in a completely different place I decide to stop. I see a picnic table or a bench and I see a girl. She is not that attractive but alright. (This part, I edited the wording, but still want to stay true to the original dream and don't believe in censorship...) I ask for a sexual favor and she says no. I ask her friend and she also says no. Then there is another one and I ask and she says OK. Yada... Yada... Yada... everyone is into it now and the other girls, who had decline earlier, are there enjoying it with me. We held hands at the climax. Then it faded and I woke up.

I woke up and was in Brian and Judy's house again. (Doesn't look like it, but apparently it was). Mark is making breakfast. It is an egg on a hot dog. I look down and see I am wearing only a white t-shirt, long enough to cover myself, but I have dried (stuff) trickling down my leg. I take my breakfast and go to my room where I was staying. It is like an office with a computer and lots of papers strewn around. I don't want to make a mess, and think that Judy would disapprove of me eating there. The hotdog is good, nice and smokey, but sorta artificial. I think about how Adin loves them. I want to close the door and clean myself up, but several midgets come out of another room and some come in mine. I tell them to get out. Then I turn around and one is still there trying to sleep on the ground like a dog. I new they were people, but they were acting like clowns. Then two guys show up, they were around the corner in the room. They are like the guys from Kats Kreatures and they had sort of a uniform thing or matching t-shirts. They were light blue. They apparently owned and wrangled the midgets. I wake up for real now.

Re: HAGART DREAM: Full Story

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 07:23
by taniaaust1
Thanks for sharing. It was good to read how you got your name.

Re: HAGART DREAM: Full Story

Posted: 17 Nov 2014 20:06
by emberfire012
Nice story. Have you talked to Hagart since?

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Posted: 17 Nov 2014 22:13
by deschainXIX
Ah, so that's the story of it. Interesting. So now you have a name for your dream guide, subconsciously associated. You can just call out, "Hagart!" and something will come. Does that work for you? Have you ever encountered Hagart again?

Having made-up, magical names for things is sometimes helpful with lucid dreaming. For example, I think I once wrote about a dream in which I called out for a dream guide and my best friend came walking up to me. He told me he knew he wasn't real and he was only an object, and that I could use him to orchestrate anything I wanted to do in a lucid dream. Since my vision was a little foggy and things were kind of swirling and misting, I asked him for a magical spell to make my dream clear. He thought about it for a moment, then uttered some kind of incantation (I don't remember what it was exactly--but it was like something out of Harry Potter). For the rest of the dream, I went about muttering the incantation and achieving the greatest clarity I've ever had in lucid dreaming. Now, since my dream-mind makes that association, I can simply utter that incantation and I have an extremely effective tool for sharpening clarity. But I don't remember what it was anymore. :x

By the way, how is Hagart pronounced? I wonder if there really is something that sounds similar that means "fruit" in some other language. You might have picked it up without realizing it one day.

Re: HAGART DREAM: Full Story

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 04:34
deschainXIX wrote:By the way, how is Hagart pronounced?

Imagine a British woman saying it. But that was the only time I heard it and met such a 'being' in my dream. I have met many since, not just a regular DC, but I mean the ones that seem to be wise and speak differently. To me, those kind are my subconscious. Often female which leads me to believe they are perhaps my Anima as described by Carl Jung. Being a male myself they are my other complementary half. But I have never met 'HAGART' since. I even tried to summon other dream characters I have met over the years, but to no avail. I do not have a recurring 'dream guide' by any sense of the meaning. But I always wanted one.

nesgirl wrote:It is always nice to have DC friends you can talk to in your Lucid Dreams because at least they are programmed by you to never argue back or hate you. They will always be your friends when you want them to be. And DC friendships are so much easier to handle than the real ones.

In my second dream I attempted to meet HAGART, but didn't. Instead, I got beat up! I don't have any recurring DC friends. If I did though, I would say I have finally met, and gotten in touch with my other half of my psyche. Perhaps there is some truth to this whole Anima thing... I have many other dreams since then that support the idea.

They are fickle and forever changing, not just from dream to dream, but even in the same dream! I believe every DC I have ever met and ever will again is my, "HAGART", so to speak. Or simply my subconscious. If I had joined this site in July 2013 my name would have been To-ki-oh! (another DC I met).

I'm glad I shared those two dreams though, and I wrote them before I ever joined this site or even read a book about lucid dreaming. (I still haven't read a book about it). In them, I experience and describe that transition from non-lucid to lucid, a dream chain WILD, false awakenings, non-lucid dreams in which I'm talking about lucid dreams, having no control of the polymorphic nature of the lucid dream, interacting with dream characters, and even some lucid dream sex at the end. I think I just about covered everything. The only thing I didn't do was fly!

If dreams are a representation of our inner, deepest minds, that that was all me... the TRUE me!

Re: HAGART DREAM: Full Story

Posted: 18 Nov 2014 08:04
nesgirl wrote:I wonder if you usually see females as a typical friendlier species than guys, because you are afraid many guys are going to hurt you, and you are hoping to find comfort from a female because you are hoping they will treat you better.

I think you hit the nail on the head and I will admit it for all of us... we seek a MOTHER/FATHER FIGURE. That's our deepest desire. I think that's the psychological basis of all religion, and what drives all of human-kind, but that's another topic... ;)

But we all want someone to protect us and be an inner guide don't we? In my experience there is nobody, only myself. It's sad, but it's true. Knowing that, and coming to terms with it, provides great inner strength. I AM my inner strength. That's what all my DC's tell me.

nesgirl wrote:Then you would get to relax as the island's obviously friendly DC hula ladies got to feed you and offer you some friendly platonic services (spa, masseuse, etc.)

That sounds worse than what I did! I hate that! I don't want to turn people into slaves. I don't want to be pampered. I did mention I felt sexual arousal during my dream, but so what? I am not a chauvinist. Sexual arousal is an idea, not a thing. No matter how it happens if I dreamed of men would you scold me? No. It's just an emotion most of us have from time to time.

Most importantly, I have a very serious question for Nesgirl:
Have you ever met someone in a lucid dream that seemed to have a mind of their own and spoke to you even though you have never met them before? (And not just a 'person' but a 'thing' just like my bag of candy)?