Very Long... guitar and four loko

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Very Long... guitar and four loko

Postby degausser44 » 31 Jan 2015 21:21

So this is the first lucid dream I've posted since joining. I was having a normal dream this morning (around 9am) where i was driving my car on snowy back roads. i kept getting stuck then getting unstuck and driving off the road onto even worse roads. I eventually got completely stuck and left my car. i walked for a while and was so far from where i was that there wasn't anymore snow on the ground. i started to panic and that's when i realized i was dreaming. i walked into a house and my friends family was there. i looked through a notebook at some drawings (which is something i usually do to get new ideas), i went to the fridge and found a cinnamon Four Loko and took a sip, then i went downstairs. my guitar was there with my pick and capo just like in real life. i tried playing a song i made up, the guitar sounded out of tune and not good at all. ive tried this several times before but always woke up while trying. this dream was so long and so stable that i was able to do it this time. after that i talked to my friends for a bit then woke up... anyone else ever try playing a guitar in a lucid dream?

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