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Girl with psychic abilities

Posted: 22 Apr 2015 17:16
by Highlander
I had a dream about an interesting girl who had some abilities.
I'm on my window and the girl approached me. She asked my name and where i'm from. I told her. Then i asked her name:
Girl-"My name cannot be told like that. I'm gonna show you something. RED IS BLACK."
As she said this, she put her index finger on my forehead and said:
Girl-"Are you seeing something?"
Me-"Yes. I see a windmill toy." (i see this object, kinda like the one below, as it was on her index fingertip but inside my head)
Girl-"Ok. Correct. Now, think of a project. It can be your dream project or a trip."
Me-"Can it be a work project? Something that i want to work on?"
And i woke up. Right on the most important part. What a strange but curious thing. It was like she had psychic abilities or something and was doing some tests on me. And i wonder if i didn't wake up, if she would tell me something about my projects.


Re: Girl with psychic abilities

Posted: 23 Apr 2015 06:12
by Goldkoron
I both love it and hate it when I have dreams like this, which start to develop a cool plot and story then you wake up and never get to see the end of it.