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My 1st WILD

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 23:02
by dreamerinmiami
hello fellow dreamers :) . so i had my first experience using WILD last night and it was very cool. I was very tired and dozing off so i decided to try it. I got the SP feeling which feels kinda cool, idk why ppl dont like it. Anyways i popped into a dream where i was looking into something rectangular and felt like my conscious was getting turned on and off, like a light switch. i remember saying im dreaming. Then i lost lucidity rather quickly and was in a dream where i was watching tv and my ex came in and was saying i know your with so and so person. then said person walks in and they start fighting. then my vision falls. like a camera would fall and not see whats going on. well my vision falls behind a table and all i hear are screams and chainsaw noises :o

then i was wide awake in bed :roll:

Re: My 1st WILD

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 23:51
by Peter
good effort, they can be very frustrating at times

Re: My 1st WILD

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 18:44
by siddle
completely agree! SP is fun, provided you've already learned about your own levels of fear in dreams. (I'll admit, having a shadow figure sit on your chest and tell you he is a demon is a little unsettling. Until you ask him what he considers a "demon" to be...then he laughs and guides you through the rest of the dream... ) :)

I like SP, because it's one of the best configurations of the conscious and the cognitive. I like False awakenings for the same reason. Now I try to hold on to a FA as long as I can before the next bump.

Good on ya for the attitude! I think it helps to be positive about the experience, no matter what.

Re: My 1st WILD

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 23:21
by dreamerinmiami
Thank you Siddle :) these things are very cool to try. i used to be scared about those dark shadows but thats just the imagination. fear stops people from trying things which sucks

Re: My 1st WILD

Posted: 23 Jun 2012 18:17
by siddle
"Fear is the mind killer" -- Frank Herbert
IMHO; It could just be about conscious translation. Dreams seem to have their own language...we translate a lot of these object in different ways based on emotion. Difference is, dream emotions seem to be like that ice world level in super mario when you are in SP or F/A. The ground doesn't work the can overcompensate and slip off the edgle.

If I wake up from a rather horrific chain of realities due to SP or FA that I didn't have control of, I try to relax, aim for self hypnosis/hypnagogia, and lessen the impact of emotions regarding the haunting figures by playing out alternative endings in my imagination (here's where I think imagination can be a very useful tool). Next time it happens, you go lucid much easier and change the emotions surrounding the scary dream objects/figures.

I firmly believe (and have proven for my own dream space) that if you can focus on the emotions of the experience, rather then trying to control the objects themselves, you will find you have a pretty expansive and specific sandbox. But one of those things you just have to let guide you....I've often thought of it like a training mission before you storm the beach (aka full LD). (yes, I play too many video games!). :)

Thanks again for sharing, dreamerinmiami!