False awakening, did the DC want me to wake up?

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False awakening, did the DC want me to wake up?

Postby dreamerinmiami » 23 Jun 2012 00:13

I was having a dream about getting robbed, one guy shot at me from a distance but missed so i pretended to be dead and trying to figure out how am i gonna get away from this. i thought gee-sh if i was dreaming i could squash that guy. Then boom it clicked and i had a false awakening and i knew i was dreaming i rubbed my hands and "got up" really fast everything was so clear that i convinced myself that i was awake, sucks. so i guess i lost partial awareness, but it was still very vivid. i went into my bathroom and my "dad" calls out and says "hey open the window". when i did there was a very bright light that illuminated the whole room, it was actually pretty shocking and i woke up.

do you think that my mind or DC dint want me being aware???

p.s. i love false awakenings :D
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