strange dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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strange dream

Postby Nickfan40 » 26 Oct 2015 22:08

I looked up the phrase, "How to have an erotic dream" a while back on YouTube. There is an MP3 on how to deep sleep/have an erotic dream. It's called Ultra Hypnosis. I used it last night, listening to it while looking at a picture of Herbert Lom and listening to my ecstacy CD. Even though I didn't use it EXACTLY as I was supposed to, I had a good, deep, night's sleep and my dreams were lucid. I'll have to just listen to the erotic dream part of the MP3 and watch The phantom of the Opera and a sex education dvd while listening to it!

When I walked into my back bedroom upstairs, I saw some people sitting on the floor, going through some greeting cards. I recognized two of the women as Rue McClanahan (Blanche) and Bea Arthur (Dorothy). I sit down on the floor, and go through them , too. I open one with animated bears on it, look in it and say, "This one will do for Rose. It has bears on it!" I must have been thinking about The Golden Girls episode in which Blanche makes fun of Dorothy's choice for a birthday card for Rose: "Did you get her a 'Ziggy' card? Why not 'Snoopy'?"

As I'm walking into the first bedroom upstairs, I hear Herbert Lom's voice (it sounded like it was inside my head, and sort of echoing) as the Phantom say, "Now with a little more practice, she'll be as good as the rest of them." I just hope he was talking about sex; I 'd love for him to teach me! I must have been thinking about The Phantom Reviewer, a guy on YouTube who likes to post funny things about this version of the Phantom of the Opera. One of them was, If It Was X-rated! Phantom: "I am going to teach you to *beep* Christine. I'm going to give you a new *beep*! When you *beep*, you will be *beeping* only for me!" If only! That's what I've been trying to do! :lol:

When I get there, I see my bed, which is not my bed, but a brown-and-yellow plaid couch that is supposed to be in the back bedroom. It is bigger than a couch, more like a bed. Instead of where it is supposed to be, it is near a window. I see a spiral notebook on it. When I pick it up, chills go down my back; it has THIS dream written on it, in my handwriting! Maybe it was trying to remind me to write it down when I woke up?

I go down into the kitchen. There are picnic baskets and metal tins all over the table and floor. When opened, they had chocolate chip cookies and cakes in them. I ask my mother where they came from, and she said from the church at the corner where we used to go. I had been baking chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes for church functions; that WOULD bear on one's mind!

I am at school and trying to find the bathroom. I have to hurry because I'll miss the bus. Then I realized where I am, my elementary school and high school combined, and don't have to hurry; I am only a couple of blocks from home. I go into one, thinking it is the ladies' room, but it is the mens'. I was thinking how I'd have to get out of there before someone saw me!

Does deep sleep have anything to do with if you'll have lucid dreams or not? I overslept this morning because the MP3 did what it was supposed to do! I should have used it just a couple if days before my period; I WOULD have had an erotic dream then!

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