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Weird response

Posted: 13 Nov 2015 16:20
by Grendel84
I had my first lucid dreams last night. I'm not sure what triggered the lucidity (I havn't really been practising the techniques as I should have been) other than the fact that I noticed my thoughts were influencing my environment. I do have a question though. While I was lucid in the dream I remembered the advice that you can yell out questions to the dream. At first when I tried to do this my voice was raspy and quite and couldn't really yell out. When I finally got that sorted and yelled out a question (I can't remember exactly what the questions were) The response sounded like a recording on a phone and said the following "Please hold while we work to answer your question". I tried several times and that is the only response I got back. Has anyone else had this or know what it means?

Re: Weird response

Posted: 14 Nov 2015 00:00
by jasmine2
So, in your lucid dream, you yelled out some questions, and your dreaming mind responded, "Please hold while we work to answer your question." It sounds like your dreaming mind has a sense of humor.

It seems likely to me that, as you gain more experience with lucid and non-lucid dreaming, including being able to remember what it was, exactly, that you yelled out in a dream, that eventually, your dreams may begin to communicate some insightful answers to your questions. However, often the language and imagery of dreams may use symbols and metaphors.

Keeping a dream journal helps to stimulate better dream recall and longer, more interesting dreams.