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Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 30 Nov 2015 04:04
by Nickfan40
I had this dream on October 6, 2005:

I was lying in bed, asleep. All of a sudden, I feel and smell someone's really bad breath in my face; it smells like something dead. I don't have to open my eyes to see who it is because I can see through closed eyelids (another lucid dream cue).

I look up and see a human male corpse with long white hair, bare chest, and black pants on. The eyes look bulgy and the skin is green and yellow. He is on top of me, trying to kiss me, but I don't want him to because of that breath and keep turning my face away. I fight against him as he rolls around on top of me. I almost throw up because of the smell and he was trying to have sex with me.

Suddenly, it's not the corpse anymore but Freddy Krueger. He is straddling me, but can't feel his weight. He is holding my arms by my sides, but I can't feel the pressure of his hands. He is not wearing the hat or the glove (Hmmm...castration dream perhaps?), he is not as badly burned as he appears in the movies, and can't talk. I have used my dream powers against him, so he can't talk or use his glove.

I look up into his face and see that he is about to kiss me, but puckers up like a little kid would do, and I laugh. He gets mad and starts kissing me really hard and it hurts. I try to pry him off me by pushing against his chest, but he's too strong. I can feel that he is really muscular underneath that ratty, but not smelly, sweater; Robert Englund is quite an athlete! When I try to pry my lips away, it feels like they are getting ripped off, so I have to let him do it. It is almost like I want it, and use thought language to tell him that I want some tongue, but he refuses.

At one point, while all of this is going on, I have an OBE. I am standing by my green dresser, watching it all from across the room. When I get back into my body, I get a strange buildup of pressure in the top of my head and behind my eyes. (At the time of this dream, I thought it was my sinuses bothering me, because that's what happens during an attack, especially when I come back in from either cold or heat. I don't have them that bad now. I read somewhere that this is a symptom of being out-of-body or brain wave therapy doing what it's supposed to do, helping certain parts of the brain.) I think that my head is about to explode and my eyes about to pop out.

Suddenly, I hear people screaming, saying, "Oh, that poor girl!" and "What did he do to her?" and "Just like poor little Sheila!" Probably my head had exploded or my eyes popped out. I hear the voices as if far away and echoing as I wake up, panting, trying to catch my breath.

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 28 Dec 2015 20:19
by Mrs. Hiddleston
That sounds like a crazy dream, haha! Freddy Krueger was always a recurring weird character in my dreams.

Once I had a dream that I was laying on the backseat floor of a 2012 Honda Accord (the car my parents owned at the time). I had snuck in there because me and my friend were going to tag along with her parents to a trip to Hawaii. Well, I heard and felt two beings get into the car and begin driving, but when the driver spoke, I became still and scared. It was Freddy! He said, 'Wanna know how to make a starfish squeal, Cheyenne?' and I was confused until I realized the person in the passenger seat was no person, but Patrick from Spongebob!

Then, I hear the shrill sound of Freddy sliding his blades against one another, then I hear Patrick begin screaming as the shrill sound gets louder. Then, the car suddenly stops and nobody is in the front seats anymore. All of a sudden, I feel two boots slam down onto my stomach (though there's no pain, just the feeling) and I open my eyes and see Freddy looking down from sitting on the backseat and sliding his knives together (this time without sound) next to his face and grinning like a crazy person, which at this point, I'm sure he was.

He then says, "Well, well, Cheyenne. Seem's we got us some company." In the dream, I give him a confused look and sit up from the ground and look out the side windows. I see hanging human bodies without faces or any distinct body parts (no belly button, genital regions, ears, etc...) from the ceiling, and I begin to scream but Freddy slams me against the back of the passenger seats chair and leans closer then says, "You're mine." And I feel his knives sliding against my stomach, going more and more South, then I finally scream once more and I wake up.

Why is it that Freddy is always the pervert? xD ^^"

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 30 Dec 2015 03:04
by Nickfan40
I don't know what I was doing that night to have a lucid dream about Freddy. Sometimes they just happen. I think I was using my Novadreamer and my brainwave and relaxation CDs. I've had dreams about Robert Englund being my teacher and kissing Willie, the character he played in "V".

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 31 Dec 2015 09:15
by Mrs. Hiddleston
I'm pretty sure my reasoning was having a Nightmare on Elm Street movie binge watch before I fell asleep on the couch, which started with the first ever Freddy movie to the newest one that came out in... 2010 I think? Yeah, 2010. That dream was about two years ago, and I haven't had a crazy vivid one like that with Freddy since then, but I did have a few about Jason and one about Michael Myers. I'm really into popular horror movie icons, as you can tell. x)
Was that your only dream you ever had like that? (Meaning where you woke up freaked out!) And I think it's so intense that you woke up panting and stuff. It's crazy how dreams can affect our physical body just as much as our minds!

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 31 Dec 2015 20:51
by Nickfan40
I've had dreams like that, too, where I've watched a lot of TV and dreamed about what I saw. Yes, I had another dream where I woke up panting and freaked out:

I'm not sure how long ago it was. I was piloting an airplane, probably the Blue Angels. As I was going upside down, I started screaming, trying to wake up, because I don't like being upside down; I couldn't control the dream. I woke up, wondering what was going on.

I've even posted my sex dreams on this site, but a few were too graphic to post. I like those and flying (without an airplane!) the best!

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 31 Dec 2015 20:53
by Nickfan40
I'm into old horror movies, Robert Englund (as Freddy and others), and the first 4 Star Trek shows. I sometimes dream about those.

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 31 Dec 2015 21:05
by Mrs. Hiddleston
Haha, nice! I would probably freak out with the airplane one, too, being I have a fear with airplanes either malfunctioning or doing something that may cause a crash.

Yeah, I can tell you are a pretty big fan of Robert Englund! I have to admit that I loved and feared his Freddy movies the most when I was younger. The 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street was good IMO, but nothing beats his Freddy.

I've been into lucid dreaming for a little over 3 years and I've yet to have one, but I think when I get the hang of it and able to control the dream to the point of doing what I want for the most part, I think the first thing I'd do is fly. I always hear that flying is such a rush, like feeling free and blissful. Is that true?

Like I said, I have a real life fear of falling from the sky (obviously from a plane, haha!), so do you think that would impact on how I fly? Like, would my fear hit me in the middle of flying and cause me to crash? Or is it pretty easy to get the hang of? (:

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Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 01 Jan 2016 01:15
by Nickfan40
Sometimes it takes some people a long time to master flying in dreams, like me, but for some, it just happens.

When you fly, it's not a dream, but an Out-of-body-experience (OBE). You're in a different form when this happens, like you're seeing a ghost of yourself or your soul/soul energy so you can't get hurt if you fall. There is also talk of astral traveling, but I'm not sure if that and OBE is the same thing or not. Some people have talked about visiting other planets, past or future time periods. They say you can even see a cord coming from the back of your head that connects the soul to the body, but I've never seen it, though! Kind of weird stuff! I just saw a double of myself that looked like a bubble when I had my experience, in some, I have visited people's houses, but they didn't see me.

Two of my OBE's were like that and involved one of my favorite actors, Rowan Atkinson:

In one, I "wake up" and find that I am in someone's closet. I look through the slats of the wooden door and see a man standing in front of a full length mirror, tying his tie. I can see him from the back and he is wearing a white shirt and brown pants. Maybe he is getting ready to play Mr. Bean.

He looks over and there is a dark-haired woman lying on a bed. He leans down to kiss her. Was she his wife?

He senses that someone is watching him and goes to the closet. In a split second, I am gone.

The next one happened in 2001:

I am on an airplane going somewhere, but there is no one else with me on the plane, so it must be a private plane. I am sitting in the back of it, but it's like I can see right through to the cockpit.

I see a man a man lying on the floor. Rowan Atkinson and the dark-haired woman are trying to get him to wake up, shaking him and slapping his face. Not long after, I read an article on the internet that he had to land a private plane that he, his wife and children were on when the pilot passed out at the controls. It was found out that the pilot was a diabetic and not taking care of himself. The article told all that I had seen. Sometimes in OBE's, you can see things before they happen.

Re: Meeting Freddy Krueger

Posted: 01 Jan 2016 02:57
by Nickfan40
I was reading something on the internet about pineal gland/3rd eye cleansing/opening and how it affects lucid dreaming; people have been known to have lucid/vivid dreams, astral projection, better sleep (the pineal gland releases melatonin, a hormone that helps sleep. It happens at about 9pm and peaks at about 2am), remote viewing (I think I've done that!), see auras and energy, and other things.

I was able to do this several years ago when I had my novadreamer and cd that helps to clear all the chakras, not just the 3rd eye, but I wasn't sure which one was doing it. I'll do that with the CD tonight to see what happens. I've heard that drastic changes have to be made to the diet (no fluoride, chlorine, bromide) to help the gland, but I've been able to do it with the novadreamer and cd. I'll know if it's helping because I used to be able to dream about what I watched on TV before going to bed.