So i'm new here and wanted to share :)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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So i'm new here and wanted to share :)

Postby Azhidal » 04 Jun 2016 05:42

Ok so hi, my name is Azhidal and I'm new to this forum, I just joined today and figured 'What the hell' and decided I would share something and just kinda see what replies I get. so I started lucid dreaming when I was about 4 or so and used my newly gained awareness to make a nightmare train that was trying to eat me, explode. so fast forward to when I was about 10-11'ish. I had basically been teaching myself to lucid dream those last few years as a way to fight the horrible night terrors I used to get. so at this point I can do some pretty amazing stuff in my dreams while I'm lucid(which today is pretty much always). so here is the dream where I got my name, and explains why I use this pic I got from google as my avatar. (copied from one of my old dream journals and slightly edited to flow better, OK heavily edited, I was like 10, spelling, phrasing, and grammar errors EVERYWHERE. also some interpretations of pictures I drew added in.)

added post script but put in pre-script XD: this was in like 2006 or 07 so it was before skyrim, I swear ever since that games dragon born DLC came out I get people commenting about it. "CURSE YOU DRAGON PREEEEEEIIIIISSSSSSSST!!"

I awake in my bed early on a Sunday morning, its the middle of August and its cold out with mist in the air. I put on some clothes and decide to see where this dream leads. we rush out to the car and begin to head to church. the church looks old and almost gothic, and while I was raised by a Christian family this was no Christian church. the stain glass windows depicted scenes I had never seen before. a being with a body like space alight with stars eating worlds, helping people, shaping galaxies, and killing soo much killing.

As we approach the front of the church my dad parks the car and we get off, as we do we are greeted by an elderly man in a pastors garb and what I could only assume the man next to him as his junior in the church. the adults exchange their greetings and then the elderly man looks to me and asks for my name, I tell him and he smiles, "well" he says, "lets go inside so we can talk". as my parents and I follow him inside he begins to tell us about the being shown on the walls and the glass, though I get the feeling its more for me than for my parents as they seem to both act as if they already know this.

The pastor speaking, " The entity you see around you is called Azhidal, he is a being of many universes, not bound to anything, he is a great destroyer of things but more than this he serves a grand purpose, for he is the twin to our god, our creator, and where he builds Azhidal destroys and wipes clean. Forever making room for the next great creation, and we believe he is coming, and soon. The stars are dying and darkness begins to blacken the sky in all directions. But our creator would not abandon us, he left us his word that a child would come to defeat his twin and stop the end of everything."

I'm sure he would have said more but at this point I've gotten bored and started flying around, I don't give a shit for this religious crap, having grown up with it I'm pretty much tired of it. I fly out of the church smashing through one of the windows as I go. I spend the next few days generally just dicking around, defacing property, making fun of people, and generally just being what I would now call a nuisance. but eventually everything has to end, Azhidal just sort of appeared one day and took the light of the sun with him leaving the world lit only by the faint glow of the moon. I figure what the hell, its a dream so I pull a prank on Azhidal and when he tries to eat Mars I turn it into one singular massive exploding ball of energy. He wasn't amused, he ate the explosion too, laughed about it, and hit me soo hard I think I might have cracked the earth on impact. now royally pissed I decide to fight back and I smash him in the face WITH THE MOON, normally I couldn't do stuff like this at the time and this was definitely a first for me.

Now that I have his attention we begin out fight in earnest, me doing what I can to stay alive long enough to learn how he does the things he does and then imitating them as a way of trying to hurt him. very quickly though the dream starts to fall apart, its almost like when a dvd is scratched and the movie gets all glitch and jumpy. the entire dream world literally falling apart around us and we kept on fighting, eventually I make a breakthrough as one of the glitches occurs right at his elbow and cuts off his arm at the joint. he looks at it with what I could only imagine to be a worried expression since he kinda has no real face. the severed limb begins to fly back toward him and I get the sense its going to re-attach, so before it can make it back to him I snatch it out of the air and EAT it. he stands their frozen in what I can only guess is dis-belief and I begin to jerk him around telepathically and into the glitches, more and more of him gets cut loose and eaten and by the time I am done their is nothing left. and I mean 'Nothing' the dream had collapsed and the planet I was standing on long since destroyed and turned to dust. so I just kind'ove floated their, for how long I don't know, their was no longer a way to tell time.

And then I woke up.

now whenever I'm in a dream I can do the things I did then and even more, chances are if you can think of it I can do it, as I grew older my tastes got a bit more varied and refined ;) and I have had many a sex dream with quite a few choice characters, creatures(succubi anyone?), have fought in wars, saved people, killed people, had families, lived many lives, and a whole slew of things in-between. everything from normal life to basically being a god and making whole universes. Now when I LD I just go with the flow and let things happen, using my abilities more casually to impress dream women, help people, fuck with stubborn or ignorant peoples/groups, and generally just have a good time.

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