My First Since Starting My Studies

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My First Since Starting My Studies

Postby AndrewT » 07 Jun 2016 16:26

In my post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum, I mentioned that I've had maybe half a dozen lucid dreams in my life.

I just had one last Saturday. This is the first time since taking a serious look at techniques. I've been struggling to remember to do reality checks, so I'm doing them something less than ten times per day. But that seemed to have been enough.

I have more detail of the dream that I won't explain here, I'll just share where I became lucid, since the dream was vivid and I remember so much of it.

I was talking to my brother. We were talking about our differing habits of vacationing. He was a by-seat-of-the-pants guy, while I was a planner. He was sitting on a hill, and I was sitting on a log. The log I was on was floating about 20 feet in the air. At the same time I was holding four boxes of jigsaw puzzles, and I was struggling to keep balance on this log. The landscape around us was hilly with blue grass and a forest of purple and pink trees. The jigsaw puzzles were of the same type of landscape. As I looked around I started losing balance. In my fear of falling, I said 'f*** it', and threw the puzzles out of my hands so I can get a grip of the log I was on.

Then I thought about doing a reality check. I thought something seemed strange so I did the two-fingers-on-the-palm practice. I don't think my fingers went through my hand (I don't know for sure), but nonetheless, I realized I was dreaming.

It didn't last. Immediately after my realization, I must have gotten excited. I tried to calm myself, but it was too late. A rushing sound like static filled my ears, and my eyes became too heavy to keep open. When I was able to open them again, the sound of static was gone, and I was awake. Darn.

Actually, I hadn't woken up. That was an inner dream, and I had woken to an outer, non-lucid, dream. I was starting to write my dream down when I had the impression I needed to write something out from the subtitle of a paperback novel. I thought it necessary somehow.

Then I woke up for real and started writing for real.

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