3 lucids in one night!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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3 lucids in one night!

Postby shutterbugjen » 13 Jun 2016 16:02

After a very long dry spell of extremely rare/short lucid dreams, I had a breakthrough this past week, and had 3 lucids in one night, and the next night had a very brief WILD. In the first of the 3 lucid dreams, I became lucid in my son's room, when I was looking over his "work schedule" when I realized he's only 9- he doesn't have a job- why does he need to be at work at 6:50 pm? I instantly transported to the outside of my house. I saw a friend of mine from high school, and I wanted to go and ask her what she represented in my dream, however she ran away from me and I could never catch up to her. I stopped chasing her, and looked around and there was a swing set in my front yard and there was a large family there, playing. I knelt down and talked to the baby in this family and said "Hey guess what, this is a dream! You're in my dream! Isn't that great?" everyone in this family smiled at me in encouragement. I decided I wanted to fly away, and as I was about to take off from the end of the driveway I noticed I was wearing a green backpack and carrying a water bottle. I realized I didn't need either of those items, so I tossed them into the air and they vanished. I took off flying. I found myself in a downtown area, filled with narrow streets and lots of small shops and restaurants. I decided I wanted to see what it would be like to fly through glass, so I burst through a shop window. The shop was filled with pink things and seemed to be some sort of jewelry/women's accessories boutique shop. A woman with blonde hair looked up at me and waved when I came in. As I came through the glass I could hear it shatter but it didn't harm me. I smiled at the woman then flew out through another window. I found myself in a parade, behind a marching band or performing group of some kind. They were dressed in pink and yellow. At that point I recalled that I had made a list of things I wanted to attempt in lucid dreams. I called up the image of my list (which IRL has 8 items on it) and I could faintly see the image but couldn't read it, and couldn't really remember anything on it. So I decided I'd like to go into space, and view the Earth from the moon's surface, but I found I couldn't get myself to fly UP, only forward. I was stuck behind this marching band. I realized I needed to try and get above them so I wouldn't be limited by their speed, so I angled myself upwards to try and get over their heads. At this point though, I lost lucidity and woke up.

During the next hour I drifted in and out of sleep and had a couple of other brief lucid moments. In one I was in a grocery store and had a small basket of items. I was discussing what we had chosen with my husband when I said, "Wait a minute, we can't take ANY of this stuff back with us into waking reality. It doesn't matter." Once again I tossed it into the air and it vanished. In the other, I found myself in an embarrassing situation relating to modesty, however since I realized I was dreaming instead of being embarrassed I enjoyed the freedom I felt.

And finally, last night I was gently awoken by my husband when I evidently strayed too close to his side of the bed so he nudged me to get me back over to my side-- and when I rolled over I drifted into the most distinct hypnagogia I've ever experienced. It was mesmerizing. Then, a dream scene suddenly "popped" into view. It only lasted a fraction of a second, but it went from the swirly motion behind-closed-eyelids-hypnagogia to full sight, light, colors. The excitement of finding myself in my very first WILD kicked me right back to the hypnagogic state. I tried to stay calm, and it happened again, but I just couldn't fully make the leap into the lucid dream. Still, very exciting, and now I know that I am capable of experiencing a WILD given the right conditions.
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