4th and 5th LD in same night.

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4th and 5th LD in same night.

Postby rdc8214 » 09 Jul 2012 04:13

The first LD of the night was rather short, but i was successful in talking to three dream characters. They were all sitting around a table and I asked the old man "Tell me about the bigger picture" He replied, "Just Dance". THe older lady was asked the same question, she replied "Well you get married." The third told me something, but i cannot remember considering i woke up and fell back asleep into my 5th LD. In this one there were dream characters mocking a woman and her ugly child of about 3 or 4. I was told by the mean characters not to talk to this lady. As is my nature I went to talk to her anyways. We talked civilly and i showed her kindness I did not avert my eyes from the child and when we walked together the child morphed and became man sized with wings and flew off into the distance. At this time i noticed a tall Egyptian man beckoning me to him so i tried to fly to him, but could not stay up. (the only thing i can figure is that since i was inside, like a mall setting, i was not able to fly) When i got near the man he ran away. Not to long after that he appeared again. I went toward him again and this time he did not run. He looked at me and said "Taxi?" I decided yes since i never take Taxis and have never been offered one in a dream. We went to a small room where we both washed our hands very well. When i was done I looked around and the man was gone. That was about it for the LD experience. Now one more thing to mention. I have noticed that when i am dehydrated and go to bed (full 18 holes of golf in 95 degree heat, followed by over 100 ounces of beer and 16 chicken wings on a patin in 100 degree heat) that i dream vividly. Coupled with the fact that it was a full moon and i have noticed that my LD's occur near a full moon, I have to wonder does anybody else have LD's with the circumstances occurring? Or vivid dreams when they are dehydrated?

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