Dreaming and getting answers to huge questions.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Dreaming and getting answers to huge questions.

Postby johnny84 » 14 Jul 2016 09:07

I have known that I have had a special ability as of age 4 , my thoughts and dreams for the most part where very different in the sense that they where almost prophetic and or where lucid. Let me tell acknowledge that I was diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder as of 16 years ago when in high school. During that time I was plagued with these strange dreams of apocalyptic events and others even stranger. The first that I clearly remembered was one lucid precognitive dream where I awoke from sleep. I left my room, and joined my family in the living room watching TV. Oddly enough what they where watching confused me for it portrayed the aftermath of the airline that hit the Pentagon, this happened a few years before the events of 911. The second dream was especially odd because it has not come to be as of this point from what I remember. Anyhow it included me sitting around with my family watching TV in a house that I did not know of then but am living in today. As we sat a hijacked plane had just landed in Russian territory, the hijackers had everyone aboard as hostages as they made there demands. Then out of nowhere a group of Russian soldiers walked out with a number of people of there own, they where lined up, as they asked the hijackers if they where willing to cooperate...apparently they did not. The people lined up where all shot dead. As the hostages came out soon after. Turns out the group of people where all family of the hijackers....wow. Any insights on these events...or is this just too much to believe.

As of a few years now I have relied on some of my dreams to answer some of my personal questions that I ask before I go to sleep. has anyone tried this method?

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