Rain, Flying, and Large Wolves

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Rain, Flying, and Large Wolves

Postby Harry Potter » 18 Jul 2016 18:32

It started as a regular dream. In it, I was in this office building, with my family, and there was a large wolf hiding in the building somewhere. After hunting around for it for some time, and some other plot stuff that I won't detail here, we all ended up outside with the wolf on a leash. The building was on this long road, that was very busy (it was in the city). It was raining like crazy. I was holding the wolf's leash. I handed it to my mom, who promptly let it go; it ran off.

It was at this point that my dad decided he was going to run out into the street and try to jump through the side of a car and into the car. He motioned to me to come try. I thought: this is gonna be hard, but I've done this before. Where have I done this before? Oh ya! In a lucid dream! Wait--I'm dreaming! I took off walking down the street. I started looking for someone to talk to. I forgot to try and recall my dream goal... All I could see everywhere were little kids. I flew to the tope of one of the buildings, and went over to the next street. There was a coffee shop there. One of my middle school teachers was standing outside; I landed and went to talk to her. But before doing that, I wanted it to stop raining. I tried yelling for it to stop, but nothing happened. I couldn't manage to will it to stop. I knew I just needed to change the entire scene. This also provided a challenge. I ended up just closing my eyes and falling over in attempt to do this, which was a bad idea (especially the closing your eyes things). All of a sudden, I could feel myself in my bed, and knew I wasn't gonna be able to pull of a WILD or anything to get back into the dream. Bah.

Not the longest LD, but being on a semi-dry spell, I'll take what I can get.
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Re: Rain, Flying, and Large Wolves

Postby Transcending. » 31 Jul 2016 03:09

Cool, and good luck to achieving your LD goals. :)

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