My First "proper" Lucid Dream (Detailed)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My First "proper" Lucid Dream (Detailed)

Postby Jimjule » 27 Sep 2016 00:53

Here I'll describe my most recent dream and end with some thoughts, any suggestions, questions or general feedback are greatly appreciated :D

Starting Off

This morning I was having a vivid dream about being a lion racing a smaller type of lion on a desert track. I was aware of many things going on (like my grip on the ground, my position in the race, what lap it was) but wasn't quite lucid, although I did manage to push myself to run very fast, like I only can in dreams.
This didn't make me realise I was dreaming, but possibly set a strong foundation for my next dream:

Being Lucid

-I was in a high-ceilinged, rectangular library with lots of shelves that were about two metres tall, and the room and decor were quite shabby. -- -The room was quiet but people may have been in there, and light was streaming in from the far end.
-I was lucid straight away, but to varying degrees e.g. sometimes I was aware and in control, others I drifted, and nothing was particularly vivid.
-I remember bouncing very high on springy shoes, jumping on or over shelves, and then gliding over them with rocket shoes, gently moving from wall to wall (the physics here were like flying on minecraft; perfectly steady altitude with some intertia) and bracing myself when I got there.
-At some point I looked at the far wall and it stretched back, making the room longer.
-I also noticed how odd it was that I could balance so well when just my feet were supported, and soon after I was hanging with my feet above my head like Wile E. Coyote on Looney Toons, trying to pull myself upright.
-This turned into me doing press handstands (I can't do those at all) with ease, and I wondered if 'dream confidence' had improved my technique, or if I was just succeeding because of dream physics and because I expected to.
-Do another one paying lots of attention, and despite trying to overbalance I easily pull it off, so I guess that's one for dream physics!
-I wanted to do something else after, but I thought about it too much and woke up at around 10am.

-This was my longest lucid dream, lasting possibly several minutes, and consider it my first proper one because I normally wake up or lose lucidity seconds in.
-My most vivid dreams usually happen in the mid morning, sometimes I set an alarm for 7am but not recently.
-I rarely do dream checks, and never become lucid from noticing that something is wrong, I just suddenly become lucid.
-I think this dream lasted so long because I didn't force anything. I often try to do something big like fly or change the world around me the second I realise I'm dreaming, and usually fail. This time I was calm and things I wanted to do just happened without much effort; a mere suggestion or idea brought it about (passive lucidity?).
-The entire time I was lucid was much less vivid than the dream before, maybe because I didn't interact with anyone or anything much, or possibly because of the very relaxing nature of what I was doing. It probably didn't help that the surroundings were fairly bland.
-My more active non-lucid dream may have been vivid because of the exciting activity that held my attention.
-I hope that I react like this in future dreams, as I'd get much more practise if I did!

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Re: My First "proper" Lucid Dream (Detailed)

Postby Haradaska » 27 Sep 2016 01:47

Hi, your lucid dream is kind of like my first proper lucid dream. You can control it to a certain extent and the interest holds you.
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Re: My First "proper" Lucid Dream (Detailed)

Postby Jimjule » 28 Sep 2016 00:24

That's encouraging, thanks for your input!

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