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WILD = Failed, DEILD = ?

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 01:43
by Nozaki
Hy guys, i am new member! and hope you dont mind to answer my question. i actually knew about LD since 2011 but still not interested yet till 2 days ago, i lucid on my dream and did *cough* (you know what im talking about) with my friend next to me in that dream. i just say the word in my thought, and i felt like blackout for awhile, then it happens but still on blackout and slowly i see the visualization of the event i want to happen with my friend (with old style song backsound "Let me Love You" that never exist but exist in my dream). so i do some searching and ended in here. but i find out that lucid is more interesting when i read about exploring dream world :o

I already made my body symbol by writing D between my thumb and index finger, then write "Dream" on my hand palm. i started used to say "I could see this D whenever i awake or dream, but i only can see the Dream when i wake and cant see it when dreaming, now i see it, i am not dreaming, but when i cant see it, im dreaming, i should lucid", and repeat it almost more than 50 times yesterday (because im still motivated). then i try to do WILD in the Siesta, but i cant reach the SP and stuck on keep awake in the closed eyes, it almost 2 hour relax laying but still not got the SP. so i change my maneuver to completely sleep and start dream recall practice. vuala! i made 5 line full of my dream description on my dream journal after i wake from my sleep, although the desciption is not very detail.

Last night, i sleep on 00.00 then get alarmed in 03.00, then i wake, stay still, relaxed, dream recall as much as i remember, get slept and i dont lucid this time. but i recall and i realise that i back in my previous dream but i just cant perform RC like see any clock or sense any abnormality and initiate to see my D-Dream symbol on my hand. then write down 22 line full of my dream description on my dream journal.

I want to ask to anyone who already experienced on LD, is my method to made body symbol and repeat it as much as i can is enough to trigger me in dream to become lucid, or do you have any suggestion? how about my WILD and DEILD experience, did something i missing to do? or it supposed to be happened for the beginner? any answer are welcome, thanks for answering, and sorry for my english if you find it odd, im not very good in english cause i live in country where english is the second language :D

Re: WILD = Failed, DEILD = ?

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 11:34
by SleepingProdigy
Hi I'm SleepingProdigy... I think I can help... I had the exact same problem with what you're dealing with... I have had 3 lucid dreams and all of them were DILD method... You seem very motivated which makes me think you are close to your first LD... The best way to have one (in my opinion) is to just have lucid dreaming on your mind as much as possible... especially right before you sleep... try checking out my YouTube tip video for a more detailed example of what I mean... here is a link
IF you have anymore questions please feel free to ask... and good luck... PS I just had my most recent LD last night

Re: WILD = Failed, DEILD = ?

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 08:39
by Nozaki
Hy SleepingProdigy, i've watched your vids, and i was try the binaural beats. guess what, right after hearing binaural before my sleep, i got dream about lucid dream, encounter a false awakening, and resuming the dream about LD without aware im dreaming :lol:

today is tenth day im journaling my dreams, maybe i need more practice with my ADA & RC habit, because my awarenes to do it in the dream is very lack >_<
because 2 days ago, i also had a dream like lucid dreaming, wish everything i want and get every single wishes too in that dream, BUT, i still dont realize im dreaming, i cant sense the feeling "Whoa, im dreaming, its my precious lucid" :D

may i ask you about your LD, did you always aware when you lucid, or do you ever got my situation instead?

Re: WILD = Failed, DEILD = ?

Posted: 29 Jan 2017 11:08
by Unintended
I had. In fact, I haven't been able to control my lucid dreams yet, but I have had a dream about lucid dreaming where I could control everything, even though I didn't realize I was in a dream. :lol:
In fact, dream awareness and dream control are independent of each other. If I had thought just a little, I would have got lucid. You feel really stupid when you wake up and realize how many times you heard about lucid dreams without catching the clue. :(